Work STRESS bringing you down? Here are some easy ways to tackle it

The percentage of people getting stressed is increasing by the day, here are some easy ways to deal with it.
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If you are a CEO or an intern, everyone or the other has faced work stress at some level. The percentage of people getting stressed is increasing by the day. 29 to 40 percent and above of people experience work stress and it is becoming an epidemic. Unfortunately, work stress has significant health consequences - from anxiety to metabolic disorder and more.


Common sources of stress at work include:

  • Fewer salaries

  • Torturing boss
  • Problematic colleagues
  • Irresponsible staff
  • Corporate politics
  • Excessive workloads
  • Few opportunities for growth or promotions
  • Work that isn't engaging or challenging
  • Lack of social support

While each individual can have a different stressor at work, some levels of stress can be tackled.


Form positive relationships

While everybody is working on taking you down and going ahead, building positive relationships will help you get through anything.


Live and Let Live!

It’s not a secret that office politics create a sense of judgement in the office. Do not indulge in gossipy topics. If you want to live happily, let the others do it too.


Talk about your problems

Let it be your superiors or your subordinates if you don't talk about the problems you are facing workwise - they will not be able to help you through it.


Give your thoughts a rest!

STOP thinking about work all day long, it hampers with your personal life as well. Give your brain a break. This will help reduce the stress.


Get some sleep

We agree that stress results in a lack of sleep. But it is the most important thing to lead a peaceful life.


Ignorance is a bliss

Do not stress over the small stuff your boss or colleagues say. This will badly hamper with your mental health. Overthinking can further lead to anxiety, mood swings and depression.


While work stress is something that most of us face, over time we have to learn how to tackle it. How do you deal with work stress? Let us know in the comments section below.

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