World Asteroid Day 2021: Check out some fascinating facts about asteroids

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World Asteroid Day 2021: Check out some fascinating facts about asteroids
World Asteroid Day 2021: Check out some fascinating facts about asteroids

World Asteroid Day is observed on June 30, each year. This day is celebrated to raise awareness about the possible hazards of asteroids and to keep the public informed. Asteroids are small rocky bodies that orbit the Sun. They are different from meteoroids that are small bodies of matter that appear as a streak of light.

World Asteroid Day is celebrated in remembrance of Earth's largest asteroid impact ever recorded in history which took place on June 30, 1908, near Tunguska in Siberia, Russia and is remembered as the Tunguska event. Read on to know some interesting facts about asteroids.


Although there are many different kinds of asteroids, mainly asteroids can be of these three types, according to NASA:

1. Dark C asteroids, which make up most asteroids and are in the outer belt.

2. Bright S asteroids and are in the inner belt. They are made up of metallic iron along with some silicates of iron and magnesium.

3. Bright M asteroids. They sit in the middle of the asteroid belt and are mostly made up of metallic iron.

Asteroids are too small to support life. Their irregular shape is attributed to the fact that their gravity is too weak to pull their shape into a circle. According to NASA, “The mass of all the asteroids in the Solar System is less than our Moon.”


Asteroids are said to be leftovers of the solar system. It is said that the solar system was formed when the Sun coalesced from a compressed grouping of gas that eventually began fusing atoms and creating a protostar. Meanwhile, the dust and debris nearby the Sun began to coalesce. Small grains became small rocks, which crashed into each other to form bigger ones. 

Asteroids have moons. The first known example of such an asteroid is Dactyl, which was discovered in 1993 and was said to be orbiting a larger asteroid called Ida. More than 150 asteroids are known to have moons.

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