World Day for International Justice 2021: Here’s the history, theme and significance of this day

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International Justice Day Significance and History

World Day for International Justice is observed on July 17 annually all over the world to recognise the importance of international criminal justice. Each year people gather all around the world to organise different events to support and promote international criminal justice and International Criminal Court. So, here is the significance and history of the day.

History of World Day for International Justice

This day was first established by the Assembly of State Parties. The decision was made in the Review Conference of the Rome Statute in the Kampala town of Uganda on 1st June, 2010.

World Day for International Justice

The theme of World Day for International Justice for 2021 is "social justice in the digital economy". This topic is highly relevant in today’s world criminals are now also using advanced technology and internet instead of the usual traditional tactics of crime. So, people should be aware of this fact and so, this theme will help them understand its importance.

Importance of World Day for International Justice

The observation of this helps people understand the importance of justice against a crime. And on the basis of this year’s theme, this day is highly important. As technology has made many things easier like work from home, shopping or ordering foods online, watching movies online and others, but on the other hand, it has also made it easy for the criminals to keep a track on their prey. So, the observation of this day will help people understand how it is important to keep their data protected online to be safe from criminals.

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