World Emoji Day 2021: Popular quotes and wishes for the day to send your dear ones

Updated on Jul 17, 2021 11:16 PM IST  |  219.1K
World Emoji Day Quotes and Wishes

World Emoji Day is observed on July 17 to celebrate the emojis. Emojis are a fun way to convey your emotions to someone instead of text. The idea of emoji was to ease the way of messaging in electronic devices. So, on this World Emoji Day, let’s send some quotes and wishes to our dear ones.

1-"What makes emojis special is the fact that it has helped millions express themselves better than even the wide array of words in the oxford dictionary." - Nancy Gibbs

2-"Oceans of emotion can be transmitted through a text message, an emoji sequence, and a winking semicolon, but humans are hardwired to respond to visuals." - Jenna Wortham

3-"Every text message is complete with an emoji in it. Every chat is complete with an emoji in it. They have become an integral part of our lives." - Unknown

4.  "I am emoji-heavy as hell. I would use the same emoji 140 times just to communicate how excited I am." - Frankie Grande

5-"My emoji vocabulary is pretty limited to, like, the smiling poop and the rainbow and a unicorn or something." - Bob Morley

6-"Emojis are good to express our emotions in a sticker form." - John McWhorter

7-"I text nonstop, and I love emoji. I’m also on the phone quite a bit for work – probably more than 10 calls per day." - Evan Spiegel

8-"No sooner my kids leave their friends than they start texting them. And it's all in code in a language I totally don't understand." - Bill Engvall

9-"People are hard-pressed for time but they do need to communicate. Emojis are here to help and make it smooth." - John McWhorter

10-"Today's kids aren't taking up arms against their parents; they're too busy texting them." - Nancy Gibbs

Wishes for World Emoji Day 2021

1-It’s the day to celebrate the emojis which have made the way of texting easy for us. Happy World Emoji Day.

2-When we don’t have enough words to write, then emojis help convey the emotions. Happy World Emoji Day 2021

3-Emojis are an awesome way to text someone in a fun way. So, let’s celebrate the World Emoji Day today.

4-Emojis are the celebration of non-textual conversations. Happy World Emoji Day.

5-On this Emoji Day, let’s thank the emojis to save us from typing a lengthy text. Happy World Emoji Day.

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