World Kidney Day 2019: Five tips to take care of your kidneys and keep them healthy

On this World Kidney Day, it’s time to check the health of one of the most important organs in the body. Here are five tips which you can follow to ensure your kidneys are in good health. Read to know more.
World Kidney Day 2019: Five tips to take care of your kidneys and keep them healthyWorld Kidney Day 2019: Five Tips to take care of your kidneys and keep them healthy
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Our body is made up of several organs whose functioning is vital to our existence. Each organ’s functions are unique and are also interconnected with one another. Thus, if one doesn’t work properly, all others get affected. On World Kidney Day, we talk about the health of the most important yet very often ignored organ, the kidneys. For the proper functioning of our bodies, kidneys play a very important role and are responsible for removing waste from the body by generating urine which contains all unwanted toxins which need to be thrown out. 

Kidneys are shaped in the form of beans and are located below the rib cage, one on each side of the spine. Taking care of kidneys ensures that the urinary system of the body remains intact and also healthy. Thus, if kidneys are healthy, one doesn’t have issues like cancer, renal cysts, kidney stones and urethral stones and urinary tract obstruction. All these issues can cause our Kidneys to fail and can prove even fatal in some cases.

On World Kidney Day, we bring forth five valuable tips which can help you in taking care of your kidneys. 

Keep a close watch on blood sugar level

One of the major causes of kidney issues begins when people are diabetic and don’t watch their blood sugar levels. It is important to avoid an increase in the blood sugar levels as it will have an adverse impact on the kidneys and affect the health of the person. Thus, once in a while get yourself tested and if needed ask for help from doctors to reduce your blood sugar levels.

Watch your blood pressure

A common misconception is that high BP can only cause strokes and heart attacks. But, little do people know that kidney-related issues can also be a result of fluctuating blood pressure. Thus, try hard to keep your calm and blood pressure under the limits prescribed as per the age. Normal BP is 120/80, whereas if it beyond that such as 139/89, then one is extremely hypertensive and beyond that can be very risky. 

Control your weight

Obesity is considered the root cause of many problems including kidney failures. It is important to keep one's weight in check and also take care of the salt intake. The more salt intake causes excessive water retention in the body which puts more pressure on the kidney function. Thus, if your weight is increasing, it would be great to start working out. Keep yourself hydrated with healthy fluids from time to time.

Keep yourself hydrated with healthy fluids

It is very important to have water in the required quantity to promote kidney function. As suggested, intake about 3 to 5 litres of water each day to make sure your kidneys stay healthy and hydrated. Having more fluids results in clearing sodium, urea and toxins from the body, thereby reducing any risk of kidney malfunctioning. 

Avoid smoking

Even though it is believed that smoking only affects the lungs, it can be detrimental to kidneys as well. Smoking constricts blood flow to the kidneys and thus, makes it difficult for them to function in a healthy way. Thus, avoid smoking and if you are hooked to it, try quitting altogether.

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