World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: What are the steps to take for preventing someone from suicide?

World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on September 10. This day aims to increase awareness about suicide prevention globally. Go through the prevention measures to protect your dear ones from suicide.

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: What are the steps to take for preventing someone from suicide?
World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: What are the steps to take for preventing someone from suicide?
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World Suicide Prevention Day, observed on September 10, is aimed to increase awareness for suicide prevention globally. This day was first observed in 2003. Different themes are decided every year to focus on different perspectives on suicide prevention. World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 Theme is “working together to prevent suicide”.

Initiatives, taken on this day, help us to gather more knowledge on suicide prevention. We can protect our loved ones from suicide. The suicide rate is constantly increasing day by day and people are suffering from mental illnesses as well. So, we can motivate them to take professional help to combat their mental issues rather than ending their life.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: How can we protect our loved ones from suicide?

Signs of suicidal thoughts

Before you protect someone, first know the signs of suicidal thoughts. The signs are as follows:

1. Talking about death or suicide.

2. Feeling of hopelessness.

3. Considering themselves as a burden.

4. Withdrawing themselves completely from friends and family.

5. Losing interest in all kinds of activities.

6. Extreme mood swings.

7. Giving away all his possessions.

8. Saying goodbye to their family and friends.

When you see these signs, it’s better to take care of that person and try not to leave them alone.


What we can do to protect our loved ones?

These steps can be taken:

1.Never take someone’s suicidal talks or threats lightly. If it feels important to him, then maybe they are truly struggling with it and need immediate help. So, never dismiss their feelings or thoughts about suicide.

2.When someone is attempting suicide, they are dealing with tremendous emotional pain and consider suicide as a way to escape from the feeling. They want to survive if there is another way to cope up with this problem. So, you should always motivate them to seek professional help. Advise or take them to a clinic for counselling or therapy. They can vent out their emotions and the therapist can show them the right way to fight the illness.

3.Be a good listener. If they are able to talk to a caring friend about their emotional pain and feel relieved, it helps to a great extent to lower the pressure of suicidal thoughts. Make them realise that you are always with them whenever they need to reach out to someone. And pay keen attention to whatever they say. You don’t need to give sound advice to them always, but listening to them carefully will really be helpful.


4.You may feel hesitated or scared to ask them if they are having suicidal thoughts. But since it is there on their mind always, don’t be scared, ask and talk to them about it. They can also be free to open up to you.

5.If they are struggling a lot with suicidal thoughts and going under therapy, don’t leave them alone anywhere. Always make sure that they have company and hide all kinds of things or pills that can harm them.

6.If they tell you not to tell others about their suicidal thoughts, talk to their immediate family and friends. Tell them about it so that you all can help them out as people trying to keep it as a secret, are at a higher risk of suicide.


Disclaimer: If you or anyone you know needs emotional support, there are several helpline numbers for the same. One can also visit the nearest mental health care facility.

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