World Teachers' Day 2020: 5 Virtual gift ideas to surprise your teacher with

Are you looking for ideas to let your teachers know how much you appreciate them? Here are some easy virtual ideas to send over to your favourite teacher and let them know that their efforts are not taken for granted and how much they are loved for being your guidance and support.
teacher with board World Teachers' Day 2020: 5 Virtual gift ideas to surprise your teacher with
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This year has been strange for teachers and students alike all over the world. With schools being on a total shutdown for months, we sure do miss seeing the faces of each other and of course, our beloved teachers who so lovingly guide us through all our teen lives. 

This World Teachers' Day send a virtual appreciation post to your teacher and give them something to be thankful for. These guardian angels deserve the love and appreciation in form of these small tokens with the help of these ideas. 

1. Send an e-card

You can ask the whole class to participate and send an e-card with messages from each student in that particular class. You can find online websites or look up Pinterest for an interesting collection of e-cards with a wonderful message.

2. Write a thank you note

Writing a simple thank you note could work wonders as well. Let your teacher know that they are loved and appreciated for their efforts, you can add a personal touch to it. Get creative and add an aesthetic design to your note to make it look appealing.

3. Create a video

This is something that the whole class can get their hands on and create as a combined effort. You can be responsible for creating a montage of video clips of each student who can record themselves saying appreciating words for their teacher in 10 seconds and combine it into a video.

4. Create a collage

Collect favourite memories with your teacher, add pictures and cute notes, or inspirational quotes, create a collage using the photogrid on the internet and send it over to your teacher. 

5. Make an Instagram filter

If you have more time to spare, then you can also get creative and learn how to make Instagram filters. You can create one for your teacher and share it with others in the class.

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