World Television Day: Here’s how the idiot box has kept us sane this pandemic

The television is what has helped us maintain our sanity during the pandemic and has undoubtedly, given us a sense of comfort when we needed it the most.

There have been times when we all have felt alone and bored. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves and would stare blankly at the wall. At times like these, the television has kept us all sane. Whether it’s watching those overly dramatic, loud saas-bahu tv serials or binge-watching a new series on the smart tv.


It has given us comfort on those lonely, quiet nights and has given us company. During the pandemic, when we were stuck at home and not able to socialise or go out, it was the idiot box that gave us warmth and comfort. Here are 5 ways in which the television has helped maintain our sanity during the pandemic. 



By watching Soorvanshyam for the nth time on TV, we all have felt at peace somehow and have loved the idea of it playing in the background while we work from home.

The re-run of old serials

Due to actors being unable to shoot during the pandemic, old episodes and serials started airing on various TV channels. These shows brought back old memories and made us nostalgic. 


Binge-watching web series

Undoubtedly, binge-watching new series is what helped us the most during the pandemic. The shows kept us hooked throughout. 



We all have watched cartoons as a child, but while surfing channels, we all have undoubtedly stopped at a certain channel, which is showing our favourite cartoon to relive the old times.

Saas-bahu serials

Admit it, these over-the-top loud serials have given us a sense of comfort and have helped us pass time during the lockdown days.

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Credits: Pexels
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