Worried about your sick dogs? 9 Tips to keep them safe during illness

Like humans, dogs can also get sick and they also need to be taken care of. So, here are some tips to take care of your dogs during their illness and them to get well soon.
Worried about your sick dogs? 9 Tips to keep them safe during illness Worried about your sick dogs? 9 Tips to keep them safe during illness
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If you have been a new pet parent of your dog, it is always better to be prepared for everything from the beginning to keep your furry friend safe and protected. You have to take care to give  them the right potential growth and overall health.

But this is not the end. Your dogs can fall sick any time and you have to be ready for that. You need to keep a check on his symptoms, consult the vet and give him medicines and a proper diet. So, here’s everything you should know about taking care of your sick dog.

Tips to take care of your sick dog:

1.First, observe all his symptoms properly. You can jot them down so that you can tell them to your vet over a phone call. Common symptoms are vomiting, restless, diarrhoea, tiredness, unwilling to eat anything, etc.

2.If you see the symptoms like unconsciousness, breathing problem, bleeding, seizures, unable to urinate, etc. then rush to your vet without any delay.

3.For treating your puppies at home, first, withhold all his diet for 24 hours but keep him hydrated. If he can’t have water as well, then talk to the doctor immediately.

4.After complete fasting for 24 hours, give him a bland diet for 1-2 days with protein and starch only like chicken and white rice.

5.Take him out for a small walk. But don’t make him play or do exercises as his health is quite delicate. So, avoid exercise and playing during this time.

6.Monitor your dog’s poop and urine to report it to your vet. And never punish him for pooping or vomiting in your house.

7.Keep him in a comfortable area in your abode where noise is very less. He needs to rest. And provide him with a soft comfortable bed for sleep.

8.Never feed him human food or medicine.

9.Keep your house, garage and garden free from any kind of toxic substances for your dog’s safety.

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