Your 2019 career Horoscope

Know what the new year has in stores for you, in terms of your career
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With the onset of the new year, everybody has questions. Questions about what is in stores for the new year, where life will take you, what are the setbacks you will face, and so much more. It is always better to be prepared well in advance, and work harder to achieve more. 

We bring to you, the career horoscope for 2019


The first two months are the best time for you to work on your personal stuff that you have at hand, and at this time, even your biggest enemies will not be able to get in your path. March onwards, your focus will be more on financial freedom where you will prefer something like a steady job. While you will work immensely hard in 2019, the results of your labour will only be visible in 2020, so instead of complaining about it through the year, be prepared to strive and give it your best. This time will be important as you will learn some valuable life skills that will help you be successful in the long run. 

What you can expect: Long work hours, personal sacrifices. 

What will help: Spirituality might help when you have lost hope.


2019 will be all about exploring new opportunities. By March, you may want to get rid of the stead job for something more rewarding and meaningful. Focusing on your image, taking up a new fitness routine and marching into new territory, is what this year is all about. 

In 2019, you might even want to pursue your education again to increase your qualifications but will face some hardships like intimidation from peers, study groups, etc. 

What you can expect: Breaking away from all that is predictable.

What will help: Hanging out with others with similar goals.


This year is all about maintaining friendships and relationships, as you never know who will be the one to step up and help you when needed. You are concerned about money and your status in society, but this will take a setback as you realise that there are or important things to focus on. May and June are good months to pursue that idea you have at the back of your mind. Post this period, your success starts. All your presentations and pitches will be a success and you will gain confidence of those you look up to. 

What you can expect: A renewed interest in faith and belief of a religion or ritual.

What will help: Trying to make the world a better place.


Everything changes for you with the solar eclipse on July 2. You will want a makeover or to revamp your wardrobe, get in shape, travel, and so much more! A relationship you are invested in already or will start with, will take a lot of your time and attention this year. 

What you can expect: A change of style and more on the romance front.

What will help: Make sure you part as friends, if things don't go well.


The Lunar Eclipse on January 21 will change many things drastically. Post this, many new opportunities will arise that you should take full advantage of. This will also bring a new opportunity to make the most and bring order to a messy situation. You can now command and take spotlight. There will be challenges on the workfront but make sure you get enough rest to take them all on. You can also expect a number of dry spells, but when you are not working learn to enjoy the free time. Pour that added time into being creative. It is time to take holidays, enjoy time with friends and do all things that help de-stress. 

What you can expect: Work to be demanding.

What will help: Taking regular breaks, follow a healthy diet.


This year will be all about travelling for you. Post March, you will go places - literally! This will bring in a lot of much-needed experience and open your mind more to creativity. There will also be a lot of frustration from your job but surround yourself with people who can help you focus and break away from bad habits. At the end of next year, all the time and dedication to your creative project will pay off and you might also acquire a fan base. This will help you make some much-needed big decisions for 2020. 

What you can expect: Being recognised for your talent.

What will help: Dedicating time everyday into what you are passionate about.


This year, it may be critical to leave your current job and put family first. But this does not mean that you could not consider starting a business from home. It is the best choice, after all! 2019 is a great year for you to create a foundation. Good roots are necessary, and this year will show you that. 

What you can expect: Career taking a setback to prioritise family.

What will help: Establishing roots.


2019 is all about pursuing your interests. January is a good time to end your current job so you can live life according to your own schedule. Travel all you can, maintain a free lifestyle and be flexible. There will be a few roadblocks and disappointments, but the trick is to have faith in a mentor you can trust. Be open to accept compliments. 

What you can expect: Freedom to create your own rules and work as you please.

What will help: Sticking to your beliefs and not being too disappointed if there are drawbacks.


If you wanted to leave your 9-5 job for the freelance field, this is the right time! It will be tiring and exhausting to accommodate people who cannot adjust to your new routine, so some relationships might fall apart. Be prepared for it. Take time off and surround yourself with people you love. 

What you can expect: Professional relationships to fail.

What will help: Spending time and getting pampered by your near and dear ones.


2019 is the year for you. It is the time to do everything you have always wanted to - start that new fitness programme, being healthy, adapting to new lifestyles. All of this will increase your personal strength and while you work hard and diligently, you will finally see success. 

What you can expect: A raise or promotion to a higher position.

What will help: Your ability to win over friends and people.


It is time to exercise your professional freedom as your personal life will take a backseat. If you have been thinking about pursuing something unusual or studying more, there is no better time than now. It is also the time to adopt a lifestyle that matches with your beliefs. Let go of things that don't matter to you anymore. A pilgrimage is on the cards and you might just find a new belief system that will help build you up.

What to expect: Freedom to work as you please.

What will help: Pause and reflect on all that you have learnt and achieved.


2019 is all about being guided by your instinct. It is not advisable to make any hasty decisions on information you have received. Rather, go with your gut feeling. Expand your horizon by reading up more on topics that are of interest to you and your career. You may also be in an awkward situation with money. If you are not okay with lending it to colleagues, let them know rather than avoiding awkward situations. 

What to expect: Unrealistic demands from social as well as work spaces.

What will help: Strike a balance. Don't invest too much energy where you know it will not be reciprocated.


Why just career, why not everything?

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