Is your anxiety getting worse? THESE things could be the reason

Updated on Jul 24, 2019 09:56 PM IST  |  965.5K

Your daily routine comes with stress and anxiety not because it’s a part of life but because you just cannot stop feeling anxious. People with anxiety disorders tend to suffer from everyday anxiety. It could have certain triggers but the mild anxiousness and stress are a part of your life. No matter how hard you try, you just cannot cope with this daily anxiety. Every person may have different reasons and triggers but some things remain the same. There are some common habits and behaviors that make your anxiety worse. These are the habits and behaviors that you need to work on and eradicate to calm yourself down. Here’s a list of things that are making your anxiety worse without even letting you know.

1. Every time you feel stressed or anxious you tend to run away from your thoughts. You try to distract yourself or ignore what your head is screaming because you just can’t handle it. But you don’t realize that you are stressing yourself out in order to avoid the thought and that’s making you even more anxious.

2. Spending time with negative people who cause more stress and negative thoughts and emotions could be the cause of your anxiety.

3. If you are someone who does not work or study or do anything at all for that matter, this could be the reason for your anxiety. Inactivity gives you too much time to think and nothing to do which may lead to overthinking and then cause stress and anxiousness.

4. Staying alone. While it’s important to get adequate to get enough me time, it’s also essential that you do not stay alone when you feel anxious. Staying alone can elevate your feelings and make them much worse. And if you suffer an anxiety attack there won’t be anyone to look out for you.

5. Don’t check the time again and again at night if you suffer from sleep troubles. Looking at the time and knowing that you’re unable to sleep or waking up, again and again, can make your anxiety much worse.

6. Spending too much time on the phone and on social media may be another cause for your anxiety. Being available for people all the time can make your anxiety worse. The constant beeping and ringing can give your jitters and cause irritation.