Is your newborn not sleeping? 5 Possible reasons why your baby is unable to sleep at night

Is your child not sleeping at night and keeping you up in the process? Know the possible reasons behind your baby’s sleepless nights that might help you put your baby to sleep.
Is your newborn not sleeping? 5 Possible reasons why your baby is unable to sleep at night
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Welcoming your first child is a feeling that can’t be expressed in words, but it sure can keep you up at night. It is true when they say raising a child is not an easy job. You might even have sleepless nights when your baby doesn’t sleep at all. While some babies sleep through the night, others find it hard to sleep at all. There are many plausible reasons why your baby might not be sleeping. 

Dealing with nighttime disruptions is just a part of new parenthood, but it would be easier if you knew the reason behind it so that you can figure out a solution. Most of the time, the issues related to a baby not sleeping are temporary, which means the occasional sleepless situation can be handled. But if your child is not sleeping at all, then that could be a sign of a bigger problem. 

Here’s why your baby might not be sleeping at night. 

Not sleeping on their back 

Does your baby not lay on their back? Some neonates feel comfortable sleeping on their tummy, but that it is not good for the baby. According to experts, putting your baby on her back is better than letting them sleep on their stomach as it can be detrimental to their health. You should talk to a paediatrician to be sure. 

Your baby is mixing up day and night 

It is pretty common for newborn babies to sleep all day long and stay up all night. This is not something concerning as the baby is still getting used to the world outside. All you can do is help them adjust their internal clock by giving them some sun exposure, avoiding all kinds of noises at night, and reducing their nap time during the day. 

Your baby is hungry 

Hunger is a common reason for babies to wake up at night so check to see if food is what your baby needs. If you are breastfeeding, the milk is digested quickly, which is why they might feel hungry after every couple of hours. 

Your baby is unwell 

Cold, allergies, constipation, gas, teething are some of the common problems why your little one might not be sleeping. You should check with a paediatrician to pinpoint the exact cause and get your baby treated. 

Your baby is having tummy issues 

What a breastfeeding mother eats affect the baby's digestion. Babies waking up at night could be a sign that something you ate is not agreeing with your child. 

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