Is your senior dog rejecting food? Here's how you can make his meals more enticing

Updated on Nov 15, 2021 10:54 PM IST  |  108.8K
Is your senior dog rejecting food? Here's how you can make his meals more enticing
How you can make dog meals more enticing

It is not uncommon for canines to have a decreased appetite as they age. So if your dog is aged 10 years or older, then perhaps you’ve noticed that he doesn’t seem as ravenous as he did in his earlier years. Nevertheless, if your pet has started rejecting most of his meals, it can cause you a great deal of worry. At times, such behavior could stem from an undiagnosed illness, but if your pet has gotten a clean chit from the vet, then fret not. We bring you some ideas on how you can make meals more enticing, so that he is compelled to eat.

senior dogs are picky eaters

  1. Use thick yogurt as a food topper

While every dog tends to have a distinct taste, many of them enjoy yogurt immensely. Adding this as a food topper can encourage your senior canine to nibble at his food with renewed vigour. Apart from the flavour and moisture, yoghurt aids disgestion, which is why it makes an exceptional meal topper.


  1. Toss in some fresh cut fruit and cooked vegetables

Right from ripe berries to boiled potato or carrots adding fresh produce to the canned food can entice your dog to eat.

senior dog is a picky eater

  1. Moisten the meal with a splash of bone broth

If you are habituated to serving your canine dry kibble or even a mix of rice and kibble, it can help to dampen the meal. Simply adding bone soup, bone broth or chicken stock is an excellent way to do so. Not only does this help hydrate your pooch, but can make the meal far more palatable.

bone broth for your pet

  1. Add hard boiled eggs or luscious canned dog food

If your dog is on a dry-food diet, the addition of hard boiled eggs and or canned dog food may lace his meals with new flavour. This can ensure even a picky eater gobbles up the nosh.


We hope you use these ideas to get creative with your pet’s meals so your dog can reignite his appetite for food and enjoy his beautiful life with you.


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