Is your teen stressed? THESE signs can help to understand them better

Stress is one of the most common issues in people. But this is not only seen in adults, as teens can also get affected by it. Parents can watch for these signs to understand if their teens are dealing with stress.
Is your teen stressed? THESE signs can help to understand them better
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Stress is one of the major problems amongst us nowadays due to our regular packed schedules, strict deadlines and work pressure. Most of the adults are now dealing with stress and fatigue which is impacting in their health causing numerous issues like sleeplessness, loss of appetite, tiredness etc.

But this is not only happening with adults because according to research, teens are also now fighting with stress. So, parents have to be extra careful to them and help them to reduce the stress level. But how do you understand if your teen is stressed out? Here are certain signs that will help you to spot that.

Signs that tell you your teen is stressed out.

Headache and stomach

Frequent headache and stomach aches are the most common issues for increased stress level in teens.

Sleep problems

A stressed-out teen is either having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep for a long time. They will always want to go to bed for sleep and cannot deal with stress if they are overtired.

Problems in studies

If your teen marks have been degraded or his attendance is getting poor day-by-day, then maybe it’s time for you to get worried. Because a high level of stress can also have impacts on their studies.


Generally, teens are a bit moody due to their age, but stress makes them more irritable. They easily get overwhelmed over anything and cannot handle any small situations. Maybe life challenges have made them stressed out.

Problems in socialising

If your teen is stressed out, then he or she may have problems in socialising. You can find them unwilling to go out of their room and losing interest in interacting with their friends.


A stressed-out teen will suffer from frequent minor illness like cold, fever and cough which will impact on their studies.

Lack of concentration

When your teen is dealing with stress, then he will find it hard to concentrate on anything properly. As a result, they cannot focus on their study and exams.

Constant worrying

Stressed teens will start to worry about anything and everything. They will always get scared of every possible bad thing and will think and talk negatively always.

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