Zodiac of the month: 4 Famous Hollywood celebrities who belong to the Taurus zodiac sign

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Zodiac of the month: 4 Famous Hollywood celebrities who belong to the Taurus zodiac sign

Taurus is a zodiac sign that is synonymous with luxury, opulence and class. People belonging to this zodiac sign are the perfect combination of being sophisticated yet humble. On one hand, they are down to earth and modest while on the other hand, they are a lover of luxury and don’t believe in toning things down a notch.

They are known to be determined, hardworking and dedicated people who take their work very seriously. When it comes to famous Hollywood names that belong to this zodiac sign, here are some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities who are Taurus.


Just like a true Taurean, Adele is dedicated and devoted to her craft. For her, her first priority is her work. The lyrics of some of her songs reflect her loyal and honest personality. She is purposeful and charming and creates art that is intense, passionate, and moving.

Gigi Hadid

The quintessential queen, Gigi Hadid, is all things luxury and opulence. She is well-versed with fashion and is a head-turner in the truest sense. She is level-headed, stoic and ambitious and perfectly embodies all things Taurean! She is gentle as well as fierce and like a true Taurean, never settles for less. 

George Clooney

The man who everyone drools over, George Clooney is sexy and charming. He is the perfect combination of being a lover of luxury and being humble and down to earth. George Clooney is an effortless charmer who is determined and hardworking and is ambitious, enterprising and progressive.  

Channing Tatum

Who doesn’t love Channing Tatum? Famous for films like Step Up, Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street, Channing Tatum is witty, charming and optimistic. He loves luxury and comfort, but is also highly focused and dedicated to his work. Like a true Taurean, he is sensitive, creative and humble.

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