Zodiac Predictions: Here's how the end of Venus retrograde will affect Aries, Leo, Libra

We have Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist offering us insight into the end of Venus retrograde.

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Venus the planet of love is ending its retrogression
Venus the planet of love is ending its retrogression

Venus is often praised as the giver of monetary pleasures & rejuvenation in cupid lives. The planet also symbolizes worldly gains and the ability of humans' ability to be in their comfort zone. Among businesses, it rules the film industry, beauty products, and precious metals. Now, we have Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist offering us insight into the end of this planets retrograde.

Venus Direct in Sagittarius

Venus, being a benefic planet, directly impacts a person's conduct and personality while it is in retrograde or direct motion. Venus is currently moving in a retrograde movement in Sagittarius. And now, it will cease on Saturday, January 29, 2022, at 14:55 IST, and the planet will return to its natural, direct condition. Venus will remain in the sign of Sagittarius until Feb 27, post which it will transit into Capricorn.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius is well accepted and known for its energy and zeal towards cupid relationships. This planet will shower its energy in the month of valentine, for the couples to cherish their energy and make new beginnings. If you are experiencing miscommunication in relationships, this is your time to wake up and talk to your partner with new energy & hope.

Mundane Impact

The current time will clear the shadow of fear from the glamour world, and the period will witness many new releases and accolades from viewers & critics as well. The time will witness some new game/challenges coming up, which will be loved by generations and will be cherished for years. Bollywood will witness new cupid couples being spotted (unknown previously). This time will open acceptance of their relationships by many. The year will also ring wedding bells in the streets of B-Town.

With the general government budget just a few days away, we can expect a budget that will be in favour of people and a lot many new incentives (however wrapped up under complexities) will be put forth. The budget will have special provisions towards women and new schemes for their promotion this time. The government will set aggressive targets towards disinvestments and banking. And, the financial sector will be under the hammer of disinvestment.

What’s In Store For your Sign?


Taurus should take less work stress as workplace disputes and tiffs will be dangerous. Health should be a top priority, and existing health issues might worsen. Short journeys, on the other hand, will keep you entertained. Your competition may cause you problems, and you may not be rewarded for your efforts. To be healthy, stay away from junk food and oily foods.


Fortunes will boost by Venus, which will provide Aries absolute wealth and joy. Whatever you set out to do during this time will be completed effectively. Both your career and your company will prosper. Some people may have religious or spiritual tendencies and to donate charity. Siblings and friends will back you up, and there is a possibility you will be able to travel quickly. In addition to glowing health, love and married life will bloom.


Venus gets along well with Mercury and provides good fortune to this zodiac sign. Venus will provide serenity and harmony to marriage relationships. Your relationship would still be passionate and exciting. Many singles may get married, and business will thrive as a result. However, be aware of your arrogance and harsh comments since they may cause a rift with your spouse. Take care of your health and attempt to meditate to stay stress-free.


Venus will significantly aid your career. Your good fortune will help you in all aspects of your life. You will have good ties with your business partner and profit handsomely during this time. The pupils will perform relatively well, and their hard work will pay off. In terms of money, time is ideal for accumulating wealth.


Leo will benefit the most from Venus's influence. During this time, kids will excel academically and have a flourishing love life. Those who are employed will get perks at work, promotions, and praise from their coworkers. Those who run a partnership firm will reap significant rewards as well. Unemployed people may find new jobs.


The people will be blessed with pleasures and comforts at home, thanks to Venus. You can also purchase a vehicle, but be cautious of your hostile behaviour toward your family members. Some people may choose to purchase their own home or invest in its decoration or remodelling. With luck on your side, your career and profession will prosper.


Due to the direct motion, you should eat nutritious foods while avoiding junk foods. There may be issues with travel that are not favourable to you. Workplace stress can also arise as a result of increasing workload and competitiveness. Therefore, if you want to succeed during this time, you will need to put in a lot of effort.


This zodiac will benefit from Venus' conjunction with Mars, which will benefit the people of this zodiac. Throughout this period, you will get funds from a variety of sources. If you had any financial difficulties before, they would now be remedied. However, you must keep track of your finances because Venus may force you to spend money on meals and accessories during this period. Before making any purchases, plan your budget ahead of time. Your love life will blossom, but married couples will have to contend with some disagreements. Scorpions' health would be unaffected by the direct motion.


Venus will provide excellent results and add charm to your personality. Financially, the season will be profitable for you, and you will be able to generate new sources of money during this time. There may be benefits from unexpected situations. You will start new businesses that have been in the works for a long time. Your family will back you up in your ambitions. During this period, you may potentially receive family assets. You will enjoy reuniting with friends and family. Health will also be good, and individuals with old health problems will be cured forever.


At this time, Venus will bring you tremendous success in your line of employment. Aside from that, entrepreneurs might anticipate new business opportunities and lucrative acts. However, caution should be exercised at work since your adversaries may cause trouble at this time. Romance and care will bloom in your love life, and some of you may tie the knot with the person you love. Married life will be harmonious, although the conjunction of Mars and Venus warns against violence and pride.


The presence of Venus will offer enormous gains and recognition to Aquarius. On the other hand, Mars may cause difficulties in obtaining easy access to money, but with pleasant words and a loving attitude, you will achieve your objectives. Long-term investments are not recommended at this time since they may cause long-term damage. Careers and professions will continue to flourish, and company owners will reap significant rewards. Venus will undoubtedly bring you materialistic benefits. You will have a good time with your family, and there is a chance you will be able to attend a family gathering. With mutual understanding and care, your love life will be beautiful.


Your business and profession will prosper, thanks to Venus. There is a chance that your work will gain recognition and fame. You will be promoted to a powerful position, and your accomplishments will be recognized. Those employed may receive a raise or promotion due to their hard work and abilities. Many people may travel for employment and get significant rewards. Love and married life will continue to be blissful. If you add anger into your work environment, you may face unexpected problems and misery.

In totality, Venus will set new energy in relationships and people to promote interaction for all. This is your time, get up and fill your love life with new energy.

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