Zodiac signs Aquarians are MOST and LEAST compatible with

Find out who are the Aquarians most and least compatible with
People,aquarius,aquarius love life,aquarius marriageZodiac signs Aquarians are MOST and LEAST compatible with
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While many might wing it away calling it superstitious, there is, however, a solid group of people who believe in zodiac compatibility. Yes, a certain section of the world does believe that the stars, moons and their zodiac signs have a major hand in their personal and professional lives. With it being an Aquarian month, let's figure out who are they most compatible with.


To start off with let's jot down some highlighting traits of an Aquarian which sets them apart. For starters, Aquarians have the amazing quality of seeing the best in everyone however, they are quite mysterious. They also don't believe in greys, everything for them is in black and white and boy, one needs to be scared of their temper - because when they explode its really bad.



Aquarian Men

Aquarians are huge romantics and they love the feeling of love. Let’s start off with who the Aquarian men are most compatible with. Men born between 20th January - 18th February usually end up marrying fellow Aquarian women. But their hearts automatically flutter for Gemini and Virgo women. Given that Leo women are smart, Aquarian men instantly get attracted to them.


However, there are a few zodiac signs which just don't gel well with the star sign. The aggressive Scorpions and Tauras. These two signs can be extremely possessive which can become unbearable for the Aquarian. Aries, Libran and Cancerian are also least compatible with the zodiac sign.


(Cristiano Ronaldo is also an Aquarius)


Aquarian Women

Aquarian women are extremely smart and is a go-getter, someone who stands for herself. Women of this zodiac sign will automatically be driven to Piscean or Cancerian men. They are least compatible with Leo men as they are mostly controlling and that is something that rubs the Aquarian Women in the wrong direction. They also are the least compatible with Virgos, Aries and Librans.



Looking at the traits and compatibility chart, it is safe to say that Aquarians are best suited with fellow Aquarians. But love conquers it all. It always has. So if you’re in love or your partner is from one of the zodiac signs which is least compatible with your sign then just let it be. In the end, its how you treat your relationship and handle it which really defines your bond.



Such wrong analysis..Aquarius is a 'Air' sign and get along most with fellow air signs like Gemini and Libra...after that with Fire signs like aries,leo,saggitarius..they are least compatible with water and eath signs

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