Zodiac Signs ranked from the most to least awkward on their first date

Some people behave painstakingly awkward at their first date, while others ace the game like pros. Which one are you? Know as per your zodiac sign.
People,zodiac signs,astrology,Awkward First DateZodiac Signs ranked from the most to least awkward on their first date

Dating is not easy and can be a task for those who are not good at first meetings. Plus, the anxiety of who they are going to meet or how things will turn out with someone can make anyone nervous. So, how do you act when you go on the first date? Are you confident one or the awkward one? Many people tend to act awkward on their first date due to nervousness. 

Many people do not enjoy being in a social setting and feel socially awkward. While some people tend to get over it, but others can’t seem to shake off the feeling because it is part of their personality. They say that astrology tells a lot about your personality, meaning that your zodiac sign might have something to do with it. 

Here is a ranking of zodiac signs by how awkward they are on a first date. 


Virgos always gets caught in her head, and think that people already have assumptions about them. They worry that their date would judge them for everything they will say, which often leads to awkward silences. 


Cancers feel safe with the people they know, and they don’t feel comfortable meeting too many new people. They feel like that they will be bored within the first few minutes of a first date. Putting themselves in the middle of new situations can be overwhelming for Cancers. 


Pisces are very romantic and dreamy, but they are not so good when it comes to first dates. They are known to be extremely expressive, which is why they might come on too strong in the first meeting. 


Capricorns are extremely critical, which keeps them from having a good time. While they are great at professional meetings, not so much when it comes to dating. They are the kind of date who might use the phone and show that they are too busy to be on a date. This is mainly because they are highly ambitious, which is great, but it can make the first date feel awkward. 


Taureans only make a date awkward when their date is late. Most Taurus-born like being on time and follow a set schedule, so if their date walks in late, they will probably be pissed. They won’t make it obvious but act a bit weird and cold. 


People born under this sign are more comfortable spending time alone than being in a social setting. Most Aquarians don’t play well with others, and it can be difficult for them to find common ground with a person they just met. However, they can be great with people who can match their intellectual level. 


Though Scorpios feel more comfortable around their closest friends, they aren’t so bad on first dates. In fact, they are good with first dates unless they start an argument with their date. If they think they are being judged, then they will make sure the other person knows their place. If you are looking forward to going on a date with a Scorpio, avoid passing unnecessary judgements.  


They are people-pleasers. They don’t like being alone and know how to charm people. They are good at first dates, mainly because they pretend that they have all the same interests as their date. But things can get awkward if their date finds out that they are saying that just to impress them. 


Geminis are social butterflies and don’t feel awkward on the first date. But not if they are out of their element. When that happens, they have the most awkward dates. Other than that, they are a delight to hang out with and are good with first dates.  


Aries are very confident and not afraid of showing their feelings. They are naturally good at flirting so they might shower you with compliments if they like you. They come unfiltered and act very interested if they like their date. 


Leos are anything but awkward. They love themselves and may even talk about their interests the whole time, but they are never awkward. They come off as confident and charming, which can make the first date very interesting and fun. 


Sags have a great sense of humour and can make any date super fun. In case their date is feeling shy or there is an awkward silence, expect them to break the ice and start a conversation. 

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Anonymous 1 week ago

I'm a leo but I ain't that confident,I'm an introvert soo like yeah

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