31 Fun Texting Games That Are Totally Worth It!

Here are 31 of the best texting games to play over texts with friends. These games allow you to connect with your buddies and have fun anywhere and anytime.

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Man Sitting on Bed While Playing Texting Games
Man Sitting on Bed While Playing Texting Games

Have less time but still want to spend time connecting with your friends? Fret not! Through texting games, you can connect with your friend from the comfort of your couch. Popular party games such as truth or dare, 20 questions, etc are among some of these fun texting games. You can also add some entertaining activities to your frequent conversations with your friend to liven them up. Take out your mobile phones and send the first hello. Here are a few of the most addictive texting games you can play with friends.

Enjoy your game!

31 Texting Games to Play with Friends

You'll be in touch with your friends while having fun by playing these games over SMS. You can also play these texting games and get to know your crush better by doing so.

1. 20 Questions

In this game, one player has to come up with a name, place, or even a thing. The other player then has to guess the word by asking 20 yes or no questions. Isn't that easy?

2. Unpopular Opinions

You and your friend can frequently exchange controversial ideas. Ask them about it if something interests you to start a conversation.

3. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

This game never gets old. Ask your friend to choose truth or dare. And if they reply with "truth", ask a question that demands an honest response. And if they pick "dare," they have to complete any task you give them. Ask them to record the dare and send it to you so you can be sure they are not lying.

4. Would You Rather?

One of the most enjoyable games to play with friends via texting is would you rather. You can ask a series of questions like, "Would you want to have a burger or a pizza?" When you play such texting games with friends, you can discover so much about one another.

5. Emoji Talk

Why use words when you have so many emojis on your mobile to express yourself? Create a message for your friend using a few emojis. Ask them to interpret it for you.

6. In Character

In Character

You can bring life to the characters from your favorite books, TV shows, or movies through texts. Talk in their voice and imitate them while conversing.

7. Story Builder

Make up your own story! Include entertaining people, scenarios, and everything else you may think of. Your friend responds to a sentence you send them by adding the next phrase. You can keep playing this game till you reach the story's climax.

8. Lyrics of a Song

This texting game might be fun for you and your friends if you both like music. Simply send your friend a song's lyrics and let them identify the song; the process works both ways. Include some obscure music as well to make it more intriguing.

9. I spy

I spy is a fun game to play via text since your friend won't be able to know what you are seeing. Ask your friend to identify any random object you place in the same room as you are. They have to guess by asking questions that might lead them to the wrong or correct answer.

10. Trivia


Playing trivia in person or over text is a good alternative. Your buddies will likely respond by asking you some amusing trivia questions in return. And this is how you can enjoy yourself with your friend while learning.

11. Movie Lines

This is for all of you movie fans. Make a list of some well-known lines from different films. Send your friends a video of you acting out these lines. The fun starts now! Ask them to identify the movie these lines are from.

12. Abbreviations

The majority of words on the internet today are abbreviations and slang. Play this game to test your friends' expertise. You may also create your acronyms and ask your pals to interpret what you mean. To stock up on some of the best abbreviations, use online resources.

13. What if?

It's the perfect game for overthinkers! Join your pals to play this game if you are prone to imagining improbable "What if?" scenarios. Increase the entertainment factor by making the scenarios as absurd as possible.

14. Friendship Tag

Friendship Tag

How well you and your friends know one another can be found by playing this texting game! Ask your friend or loved one straightforward questions about you or your connection to determine how well they know you.

15. Word Unscramble

The closest texting game of Scrabble is this! You choose a word, and your friend comes up with more words that may be made with the letters from the chosen word.

16. Never Have I Ever

This game is for you if you're searching for a good laugh. Say "Never have I ever..." and then do something outrageous that you don't believe anyone else would have done. Your pals will understand if they claim to have done something that you haven't, and vice versa. If you two have done it, you both understand the point.

17. Hangman


This is a classic game to play while reading literature if you enjoy word construction. If your friend gets a letter right, replace it in the term by sending underscores for the missing letters in your sentence. To make it engaging and enjoyable, draw an emoji hangman.

18. Riddles

Everybody knows how to play this simple game. You virtually have a poker face when you send it, which makes it hilarious. Send each other puzzles to solve in turn. If you want to assist one another, you could offer suggestions. Moreover, avoid using the internet as a cheat sheet to find the answers.

19. Do or Die

Players must assign each other amusing situations at random in this entertaining game. They now have to decide whether to do or die. If a player makes a choice to do, you can award points for it. You may learn a lot about your friends' thought processes and determine who is the most courageous by playing this game.

20. List Builder

List Builder

We all make lists. Play this texting game with your buddies if writing lists comes naturally to you. Choose a category, then begin compiling a list of items that fall under it. The winner of that round is the last person to add to the list.

21. Where Am I?

Everywhere you go, you have your phone with you. Play this game when you're moving about with your companions. Let your pals make educated guesses about your whereabouts by texting a description of something in your area.

22. Kiss, Marry, and Kill

Ask your pals who they would want to kiss, marry, and kill, and then name three random people. This game can be played with your crush as well because it is an excellent conversation starter.

23. Name Game

Name Game

Opt for a category. The first person to send a word in that category wins. From the last letter of the preceding word, the other player must create a word from the same category.

24. Backward Typing

You can start playing this really easy text game with your friends at any time. Just enter a sentence backward and invite your friends to figure it out. You also get to exercise your brain.

25. Gun to Your Head

Asking your friends what they would do if a gun were pointed at their heads is a fun texting game. For an instance  "Gun to your head, which celebrity party would you sneak into?". You are not allowed to attack your opponent, and you are bound to provide an answer.

26. Quiz


Make a simple quiz that you and your friends can take. Create some questions using your general knowledge and online resources. Choose the funniest response if your buddies can't figure it out.

27. Read My lips

Make a video of yourself uttering a word or phrase. But record it without sound. Your friend will need to guess what you are saying after receiving this tape. Read their lips next as you take turns playing this game.

28. Fill in the Blanks

Send a text with a word missing in it. The missing word must be guessed by the other participants. Either they can correctly guess the term or they can act dumb and think of something ridiculous.

29. Vacation Spy

Look at some of the most well-liked vacation spots around. Give your pals suggestions about a well-known tourist destination when you are at these locations. Your friends must now guess the location you are referring to.

30. Rhyme

This texting game has the potential to enhance your creativity. Send your friend a line-long text message. They must reply to your text with a rhymed line. Send them another rhymed message in response. Who knows, you might produce a humorous poem as a result!

31. Friend Tag

Friend Tag

Play this game with your buddies if you believe you know them well. Ask them questions about you that they must respond to. They will then ask you some questions in return. "What is my favorite food, for instance? "or "What movie did I most recently watch?”


If you're bored, want to kill some time, or just want to spend time with your long-distance friends, here are some of the finest texting games to play. Whatever the cause, playing these games will keep you occupied for several hours.

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