Wedding Diaries: 11 simple and effective diet tips for to be brides

Diet Tips for Brides: Are you getting married soon and want to know some simple diet tips, then we have got you covered. Read on.
Wedding Diaries: 11 simple and effective diet tips for to be brides11 simple and effective diet tips by a dietician for to be brides
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For the D-day, every bride wants to look perfect. Right from lehenga to jewellery to trousseau to her makeup, everything flawless is what is desired. It is the wedding season now and if you are reading this then I am assuming that you too want to know diet tips which will make you glow and look puhhfect on your wedding day. Don't fret, we have got you covered as today we have compiled a list of diet dos and dont's that to be brides can follow. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Dietitian Jinal Savla revealed some super easy and effective diet tips for the to be brides.

Diet tips for brides: Read on to know more.

1. BALANCE IS THE KEY, so consume a wholesome breakfast lunch and dinner. Make sure the meals are a combination of cereal, pulse, dairy, eggs, meat and good quality fats.

2. Do not fall prey to fad diets that will only make you look dull and low on energy. 

3. Try and consume homemade meals. Avoid meals which are high on sodium, refined fats and soda among others as they can get you bloated.

4. Try to consume 30ml of fresh turmeric and amla shot in the morning & at least 2-3 fruits per day for that extra glow.

5. One should try and incorporate 1 serving of green vegetable per day or you can also go for a veggie juice. 

6. When you are on a shopping spree try to carry some nuts/fruits/sugar-free granola bar to keep you energised & satisfy your hunger pangs.

7. You can also indulge in coconut water/fresh sugar juice when you’re on the run as these will help you to charge your electrolytes.

8. Ditch the tea and coffee and swap them with green tea or herbal tea for the natural antioxidant boost. 

9. Try and avoid refined foodstuffs such as maida, sugar, colas and fried food and snack on makhana/ roasted nuts or chana or some baked jowar puffs.

10. If your consuming eggs, poultry or fish ensure that the source is organic as chemical-based ones may upset your stomach & cause diarrhoea.

11. One can include 20min Tabata or a yoga routine that will keep you energized and toned for your d-day.

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