5 Beautiful décor takeaways from Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s intimate wedding ceremony

Here are 3 beautiful décor takeaways from Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s intimate wedding ceremony.

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5 Beautiful décor takeaways from Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s intimate wedding ceremony
5 Beautiful décor takeaways from Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s intimate wedding ceremony

The much-awaited Bollywood celebrity wedding of the year has taken place, and we can't get enough of the bride and groom – Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. Alia Bhatt's Sabyasachi bridal sari, which was decorated in ivory with gold accents, caught everyone's attention. The couple has stunned the internet with breathtaking pictures from their intimate wedding ceremony. Their wedding took place at Ranbir Kapoor’s residence, Vastu in Mumbai. Pastel-themed wedding decorations have become the latest craze in Indian wedding scenes, and the couple chose them for all the right reasons! These delicate and beautiful colours worked well together to create an elegant and harmonious aesthetic for their wedding.

Suspended floral décor by ‘Interflora’ that will enchant you

The tasteful floral setting at their wedding was managed by Interflora, a company specializing in premium floral decor. The theme of the decor was earthy, organic, pure, and entire, much like the love they share. The floral decorations for Ranbir and Alia's wedding venue comprised chrysanthemums and white button flowers from Bangalore.

According to reports shared by the Interflora team, the theme of the wedding was rustic enchanted forest. Natural, earthy, and sun-kissed. An enchanted forest theme, similar to a woodland themed wedding, plays with creativity to provide a fantastic vibe that can only be found in an imaginative fairy tale story. This theme is enchanting and literally down to earth, making for a great journey and a fantastic opportunity to give a whimsical mood to your venue. Natural textures made from tree barks are a great way to add interest to your decor. A forest wedding is a terrific summer theme, but with a little creativity, you can even pull it off indoors, just like the celebrity couple did. Cute dragonflies, earthen pottery vintage glasses, and handcrafted embroidered linen drapes were even used to lend warmth to the decor at their wedding venue.


Here are five décor takeaways from Ranbir and Alia's lavish wedding celebration that made their D-Day seem spectacular.

1. Dreamy floral décor

Flowers have always held a special position in wedding decor, no matter the theme, while boosting the attractiveness of any room they are put in, and suspended floral arrangements are the current trend that has recently impressed everyone! From cascading strings of traditional rajnigandha to exotic arrangements of tropical flowers and greenery to magnificent compositions, it left everyone awestruck at the power coupe's wedding which was a work of art.

2. Nature-themed touches

A nature wedding theme is lovely and romantic, and it can also be eco-friendly if done correctly; consider homegrown and local flowers, recycled décor, and other eco-friendly wedding ideas. The colour earth tone is very important in Indian weddings since it represents new beginnings, prosperity, and harmony. From Alia Bhatt decked out in a neutral bridal lehenga with essential emerald light-green coloured dainty jewellery, to Ranbir Kapoor going all out with white-hued wedding outfits the colour did scream loud at their wedding.

3. Neutral colours on display

Contrary to common belief, a neutral wedding colour plan does not limit you to a limited palette of colours and colour combinations. If tans, creams, and hints of grey are too basic for you, incorporate subdued pastels, such as an airy blush and light peach, as seen in the Ranbir-Alia wedding, or go the opposite direction and incorporate gleaming champagne just like the adorable couple did or just add gold for a more glamorous feel and a sparkling finishing touch.

4. Fairy lights to add instant ambience

When it comes to elements that can help set the mood for your wedding day, good wedding lighting ranks right up there with flowers, food, and atmosphere. While you can illuminate your event with everything from romantic candles to modern bulbs, string and fairy lights are one of the most popular wedding lighting options. Couples adore this style for its whimsical, fairy-tale feel, and you will most likely love it as well! Not only Ranbir- Alia’s house, but the entire street in front of ‘Vaastu’ got lit up with fairy lights. Entangled strings of fairy lights dangled from the ceremony's ceiling, transforming the power couple's wedding venue into a fantastical fantasy. A shimmering ceiling and abundant blooms gave softness and delicacy to the venue.


5. Draping for an upscale look

If you want to add some real "wow" element to your wedding, exactly like Ranbir and Alia's, go for stunning draping. When done correctly, adding fabric—typically sheer, gauzy textiles like chiffon, organza, or voile—will make your setting feel more luxury and upscale, yet also intimate and inviting. Their wedding venue was turned into an all-white fantasy, complete with gallery corridors draped in sheer white linen curtains and fresh foliage.

So, if you haven't decided on a gorgeous pastel-hued decor for your wedding yet, you should definitely have a look at these sparkling decor ideas inspired by the Bollywood couple.

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