3 Ways to find out if your marriage is turning toxic

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Ways to identify a toxic marriage
3 Ways to find out if your marriage is turning toxic

Taunts, arguments, ugly fights and emotional abuse. If this is a daily routine in your marriage, it’s not because you are at fault or you are not good enough. It simply shows that you are stuck in a toxic marriage or that your marriage is turning into one.

However, sometimes, even after ample proof, we do struggle to find out if we are overthinking and overreacting or if our marriage is really turning toxic.

Here are 3 ways to find that out.

toxic marriage

You feel worthless

If you end up feeling worthless, and bad about yourself, it’s a reflection of toxicity in the marriage. A marriage is supposed to make you feel in power, confident and stronger, if it’s contradictory, it’s nothing but a bright red flag. If you see yourself as the reason behind everything that goes wrong, it’s not natural guilt and embarrassment but something that has been forcefully instilled in you.

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Your opinions don’t count

If your opinions aren’t valued or even heard and you are forced to feel incapable of giving suggestions or even talking in your in-laws’ family matters, you are definitely stuck in a toxic marriage where you are nothing but a mere object. If this is something that has never happened before and has just started to happen, don’t dismiss this by thinking of it as a phase. It’s a sign that your marriage is turning toxic and you aren’t valued anymore.

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Your task is to only complete household chores

If you are seen as a person whose task is to take care of the family and complete the daily chores and anything above that is a man’s job, it goes without saying you are a victim of a toxic marriage. If your identity is lost and all you are expected to do is cook and serve meals, do the laundry and the dishes and keep the house clean, even when you don’t want to, it’s both physical and emotional abuse. While most women see it as their duty to take care of the families and they do it by choice, if you are to do it out of pressure or because you are made to think of it as your sole responsibility, it’s a symbol of lack of respect for you and proves that you are in a toxic marriage.

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