3 Ways to glam up the venue for your wedding's cocktail party

Updated on Nov 18, 2021 02:27 AM IST  |  152.1K
Ways to glam up the venue for your wedding's cocktail party
3 Ways to glam up the venue for your wedding's cocktail party

Whether you’re planning on a big fat desi wedding or an intimate ceremony with your friends and family, most people agree that the cocktail party should be a night to remember. Right from your choice of decor for the entrance to the chandeliers lighting up the venue, and the theme you choose for the evening; there are lots of ways to amp up the vibe of your event. So we bring you 3 easy ways to add glamour to your cocktail party in order to make it a memorable one.


  1. Install cabanas or canopies festooned with lights

If your event is outdoors or on a party lawn, then set up a couple of cabanas or canopies that are light up beautifully with fairy lights. These could include plush love seats or comfortable lounges where guests could sip on cocktails amid a cosy ambiance.

glam up cocktail party decor

  1. Consider opting for a foliage bar

If muted decor, canopies lit with fairy lights and forest theme is what you have decided for your bash, then consider going for a foliage bar. It would essentially be a glass bar with the backdrop of foliage with orchids and chandeliers hanging above adding a magical twist to your evening.


  1. Disco balls and led lighting for an indoor party

In case you have an indoor event, then fret not, for we have you covered. Simply opt for a hep ceiling with disco balls, mirrors, and a myriad of led lighting options. With such a scintillating theme, your guests are sure to set the dance floor on fire!

glam up your cocktail party decor

Don’t be afraid to scale up on your decor options by adding pretty chandeliers and LED entrances to add to the charm and elegance of your cocktail party. These themes will make sure your guests let their hair down and have a great time at your event.

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