5 Brow mistakes to avoid before your wedding day

Well defined brows are every bride’s requirement for their bridal look. So, you have to take care of your brows properly before the prime day. So, avoid these 5 brow mistakes before your wedding.
5 Brow mistakes to avoid before your wedding day
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Well-defined brows are the most desired part of makeup. It makes the look more gorgeous and the eye makeup becomes more prominent. And this is the most important part of the wedding as well.

Though makeup covers all our flaws, still we should keep our brows in the right shape. So, brides to be should definitely take care of their brows and avoid all mistakes before the wedding.

Brow mistakes you should avoid before the wedding:

Trying any new style

Before the wedding day, never try any new style or shape before your D-Day. Stick to your old shape. New style may make your look different. So, don’t take any risk.


If you have done waxing earlier, then it’s alright. Otherwise, don’t do it for the first time right before your wedding. It may cause a rash or make your skin red. So, opt for the same method which you generally do.

Doing brow-plucking after a long time

To make your brows thicker don’t wait for too long to do plucking before the wedding. It will become more painful resulting in redness on the skin.

No microblading

Microblading is a brow-enhancing technique but it’s not good for brides to be. They should definitely avoid it before the wedding as it requires a lot of care. You cannot make them wet or sweaty and you have to sleep in a specific position to avoid pressuring on them. But during the wedding, all these things may not be possible. So, it’s better to avoid it.

Eyebrow plucking before the wedding day

You should do the plucking before three or four days from your wedding. If your skin is sensitive or tends to have rashes, then you will get enough time them to heal. But plucking right before the wedding day won’t leave you any time to soothe the skin.

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