5 Eco friendly and innovative wedding invites for all nature lovers

Updated on Jul 22, 2020 12:18 PM IST  |  996.6K
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5 Eco friendly and innovative wedding invites for all nature lovers

Traditional wedding invitations are great, but what if it's not your style? It is alright to say goodbye to traditional design invites. After all, wedding invites is what your guests first see. It gives them an idea of how your wedding will be. So, if you are someone who wishes to surprise your guests with innovative wedding invites and bring your personal touch to it, then keep reading on. 

While there are endless ways to create a different wedding invite, today we are bringing to you some eco-friendly wedding invite ideas for all the nature lovers out there. Don’t worry, from different shapes to illustrations, there are several ways to design the invite, and they look chic. Just think about bringing your personal style to a piece of paper dipped in the depths of nature’s beauty – how can it be not pretty? 

Here are five eco-friendly wedding invite ideas. 

1- Use recycled papers for your wedding invite. Use paper that is recycled or made with alternative fibre such as bamboo. It will make more difference than you think. 

2- Indian weddings are known for their grand wedding with multiple pre-wedding functions, so there is a separate paper for each function. Instead of multiple cards, try to put important information in one card or two to avoid wasting paper. 

3- With the pandemic still on the rise, it is best to go for online invitations. There are plenty of creative ways to design your online invites. 

4- If your pocket allows, spend on calligraphy. It will add a touch of elegance to your card, and it is eco-friendly as well. By eliminating printing, you will help in reducing the toxic chemicals emitted by the printing process. 

5- Choose soy or vegetable-based ink to print the wedding invites. It only releases around 4 percent of volatile organic compounds, which is way less than what traditional ink does. 


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