5 Exciting drinks to inject fun & flavor to your wedding cocktail party

Updated on Nov 17, 2021 02:04 PM IST  |  113.7K
Exciting drinks to inject fun & flavor to your wedding cocktail party
Exciting drinks to inject fun & flavor to your wedding cocktail party

Arguably one of the most exciting nights of your wedding celebration shall be the cocktail party. Not only is this an evening where people of all ages come together, but they also let loose and dance the night away! Many would say that the thing they love most about cocktail parties are the lip-smacking hors d'oeuvres and the delicious drinks. If you’re planning just one such celebration, then look no further, because we bring you a spate of exciting cocktails that you can serve up at your event to make it truly magical. 


  1. The Blue Tahoe

Gone are the days when you had to dish up plain old drinks and a bottle of champagne, it is time to go big and the Blue Tahoe helps you do this precisely. Take a sip of perfection with beautifully muddled tequila, champagne and lemon among other additions.

blue tahoe cocktail
  1. Cuba Libre

Just in case you are partial to cola spiked with White Rum and a slice of lime, then this one is for you. An offbeat choice, it makes a delicious drink for a winter’s night. Bottoms up!

cocktails ideal for your wedding party
  1. The Bloody Mary

This one is a classic for a reason. It is a drink preferred by many folks in the house, but it is also one that will instantly have your guests in a mood to groove! Can’t go wrong with a combination of good old tomato juice, vodka and celery!

cocktails for your wedding party
  1. Bahama Mama

Take one swig of this to be transported to a tropical paradise, as this one is laced with coconut rum along with dark rum and light rum. A complex blend, the Bahama Mama is also graced with orange juice and pineapple juice. 

cocktail for your wedding party
  1. Kamikaze

Although this is an unconventional choice, it may swiftly become something that’s a huge crowd pleaser. If you guests love Vodka blended with triple sec and lots of lime, then hand them a Kamikaze!


Incorporating these drinks on your cocktail party menu ensures that you spend a joyous evening that is jazzed up with the love and laughter of your tipsy wedding guests, making your cocktail bash a huge hit!

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