5 Expert tips to choose the perfect bridal lingerie

To get the best of your wedding outfit, you have to search for the right bridal lingerie. So, here are 5 tips to find the perfect bridal lingerie according to expert.
Tips For Bridal Lingerie 5 Expert tips to choose the perfect bridal lingerie
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Along with the most gorgeous wedding outfit, the most important thing to make you feel comfortable in your big day is the right lingerie. Without this, it becomes tough to look confident and feel confident in your wedding dress. Not only that, perfect lingerie also brings you in the right shape making you more attractive in the outfit. But how to select the right bridal lingerie? Here we have Priyanka Ahuja, MD of Yamamay India, who gives us some easy tips to choose the right bridal lingerie.

Perfect shapewear

Shapewear is a blessing to all of us. Shapewear not only accentuates your natural curves for that perfect hourglass look, but it also hides any interrupting bulges to smoothen it out and give you that shapely body. You can choose a full-body slip, a cami or tummy cinchers, based on the silhouette and fabric of your dress. Always remember to stick to skin tones or tones closest to your outfit.

Lingerie with laces, trims and beautiful textures

Impressively lingerie with laces, trims and beautiful textures were part of the bridal trousseau to be worn on the wedding day. Many bridal gowns, especially slinky sheath silhouettes will require wedding undergarments that are smooth and seamless. Pay attention to whether ribbons, lace, or adornments are going to create bumps under your gown and then avoid those styles.

Bold with backless

If you are looking for a bold look with a backless blouse, then opt for the bras with transparent back-strap. Stick-on bras or padded ones will also work wonders. But you have to check which suits you the by trying each of them.

Stay modern in sheer

If you are wearing something smooth or sheer, then you have to balance your innerwear with your outfit, as it is exceptionally susceptible to showing up in flash photography or against backlighting. Continuously attempt to coordinate your innerwear to your skin tone which is your safest bet or the tone nearest to your outfit so that it looks like it is one outfit.

Do a trial run

Your wedding underwear or shapewear shouldn't ride up or be difficult. So, after giving trial and purchasing the same, wear it under your bridal dress at home to understand how it feels overall with your wedding outfit. This way you can understand if there is an issue and can take it to the store.

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