5 Heena alternatives to take your Mehendi game to the next level

Want to be a stand-out bride? Here are some Mehendi alternatives you can choose from for your big day.
5 Heena alternatives to take your Mehendi game to the next level
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The Mehendi function is one of those functions a bride and her squad looks forward to. From floral jewellery to beautiful Mehendi designs, what is there not to feel excited about? Not just that, Mehendi is considered a good omen for the bride to be. Plus, no bridal look is complete without a beautiful Mehendi design. You can take the traditional route if you want or you can slay it with some trendy and unique Mehendi designs. 

Millennial weddings are all about mixing the traditional with the contemporary with a dash of elegance. Of course, you can stick to the traditions, but that need not be your only choice. You can opt for some experimental designs that will make you stand out as a bride. It is also a great option for those allergic to Henna. 

Here are 5 Mehendi alternatives you can choose from. 

White henna

White henna looks beautiful and stunning on any bride and with any outfit. Many celebrities including fashion designer Antonio Berardi has sported this wonderful alternative to regular Mehendi designs. It is made with the cosmetic adhesive used by makeup artist, or tattoo ink. It can be created by white paint too. 

Mehendi tattoos 

Give your Mehendi a modern twist is Mehendi tattoos. Mehendi Tattoo sticker is an easy way to apply Mehendi that requires minimal effort and time. It is perfect for a bridesmaid or a guest as it is easy to apply and easy to remove.  

Glitter Mehendi

What’s better than a little bit of glitter on traditional henna? Add a dash of glitter to traditional brown henna. It only lasts up to six hours and can be a glamourous addition to your pre-wedding functions. 


Mehendi with beads 

Hop on the trend wagon by including crystals and beads to enhance the beauty of your bridal Mehendi design. From single coloured stones to multi-coloured ones, there are plenty of options to choose from.  

Neon Mehendi 

Created by Pavan Dhanjal, this neon Mehendi design is perfect for your sangeet night. It is applied like regular henna and lasts for a day.