5 Lingerie essentials every bride to be should add to her wedding trousseau

Lingerie is one of the most important parts of wedding trousseau for all brides. So, here is an expert-approved list of lingerie essentials that every new bride should have in their wardrobe.
Lingerie Essentials for Brides to be 5 Lingerie essentials every bride to be should add to her wedding trousseau
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For the wedding, a bride is mostly confused with so many shopping options like bridal make-up, bridal sarees, bridal dresses and what not, but the most confusing part for a bride can be her choice of lingerie. Yes, a newlywed’s wedding lingerie is as important as any other outfits she may shop for.

Lingerie holds a special space in the bridal trousseau. But it is often ignored by the bride while shopping for her wedding attire. Siddharth Grover, Director of Groversons Paris Beauty, shares a list of lingerie essentials every bride must include in her trousseau.

Inner garments with laces

If you are a bride to be or a newlywed, then you should definitely choose lacy garments over regular ones. Lacy lingerie sets are an epitome of grace and femininity.

Tube Bras

Tube bras with laces are also in trend for would-be-brides. This could easily be used to cover up your neckline on days you don’t feel like wearing a camisole.

Backless Bras

Since there is nothing more frustrating than a bra that ends up around your torso, so opting for a strapless style with a silicone-lined band will secure your bra and wedding dress in place.

Baby doll ones

The baby doll dresses can have a big impact on your love life and that’s a perfect staple for your honeymoon collection.

Pushup Bras

A padded push-up bra is also a good option to opt for that will give the perfect shape to your body on your big day. Even large-chested women can also be benefitted from it as it gives great support for the large cup sizes.

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