5 Tips to nail a minimal makeup look for brides on the wedding day

From prepping your face to lock the concealer, we bring you 5 amazing tips for a minimalistic, timeless and radiant bridal look.
5 Tips to nail a minimal makeup look for brides on the wedding day
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If you search bridal makeup looks on Google, you will be inundated with gazillion image results with different trends ranging from subtle to dramatic. While most brides go for shimmery full-coverage makeup, B-Town beauties like Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone donned a classy and minimalistic look. 

Years down the line, you never want to look back at your wedding album and think about the cringy, overbearing makeup you sported on your special day. For a subtle look, we have put together 5 tips for achieving a stunning minimalistic makeup look for brides. 

1.       Prepping The Skin 

Like an artist needs a clean canvas, you need a clean face where your whole makeup would go. Prepping and hydrating the skin is more important than the actual makeup itself. Exfoliate your skin with a good face scrub and cool it down using a hydrating toner, water-based moisturiser along with a luminescent primer. Once it’s all settled, put some aloe-based eye primer and pat some illuminating sunscreen. 

2.       Cream-based Products > Powder-based Products 

Creams-based products offer a dewy finish for a stunning glow. They melt into your skin without looking greasy, glittery, or chalky. Always prefer gel-based pomade for filling-in your eyebrows. Go for a light, cream-based contour that is two shades darker than your skin and blend it in the hollows of your cheekbones for a sculpted effect. Also, swipe some coral-pink cream blush for flushed cheeks. 


3.       Dewy Finish Goes A Long Way 

To ace that minimalist look, do not slather the base foundation on your skin. Foundation should be bare minimum and look like a part of your skin. A thin veil of hydrating water-based tinted moisturiser or CC cream with a tad bit of shimmer will do the trick. Use a one shade lighter dewy concealer to cover pimples, dark circles and other discolorations. Set this with a thin layer of setting spray for the melting, dewy glow. 

4.       Peachy-Nude Lips 

Reds and maroons might look stunning on most of the brides, but it can also look harsh and over-the-top at times. To avoid the bold look, go for a peachy-nude lippie for a perfect and minimalistic look. To upsurge the longevity, ditch the sticky liquids and opt for creamy mattes lipsticks that would last longer throughout your wedding evening. 

5.       Subtle Eyes 

Eyeshadows matching your wedding attire is a big turnoff. Pick the colour off from the embroidery or embellishments on the outfit and pair a light smokey-brown shade rather than black kohls for an overall subtle look. Top it up with some gold or silver shimmer and add some high-volume mascara to ace the gorgeous minimalistic look.