5 Tips to remember for choosing the right bridal dress for your monsoon wedding

Updated on Jul 14, 2021 03:24 PM IST  |  241.7K
How to choose the right bridal lehenga in monsoon wedding
How to choose the right bridal lehenga in monsoon wedding

If you are about to be a monsoon bride, then you need to be careful about your wedding dress. Be it a lehenga or saree, the fabric should be comfortable enough to tolerate the intense humidity. During a monsoon wedding, the outfit should not go overboard but the bride should also stand out in it. So, here are some essential tips to remember before selecting your bridal dress for monsoon wedding.


Due to the extra humidity, you get sweaty, irritated and uncomfortable if the material is not breathable. So, try to opt for cotton, crepe, chiffon, silk, chanderi, etc. These fabrics are soft and breathable that will not make you uncomfortable. And avoid velvet, silk, brocade, etc. in monsoon wedding.

Avoid too much bling

During monsoon wedding, avoid too much embellishments on your bridal dress as they will make it heavier and uncomfortable. Keep it minimal and don’t go overboard.


Shades are important

Instead of choosing any dark colours, try going for light hues for the monsoon wedding. You can choose yellow, pink, blue, etc. These will make you look refreshed and elegant.

Mind the length of the lehenga

During the monsoon wedding, roads are muddy which can make the edge of your wedding dress dirty. So, instead of going for floor-length lehenga, opt for shorter hemlines.

For neutral shades

If you are a fan of neutral hues, white and ivory would be perfect to nail your monsoon wedding. These two shades are currently trending, so, they will make you look refreshed and sophisticated.

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