5 Top pre wedding diet secrets that every bride to be should know about

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Pre wedding diet tips for would be brides

Your pre-wedding preparation doesn’t only consist of pampering your skin and hair, rather it also requires maintaining a strict diet plan to have the right body weight and healthy. You have to take all healthy food items that provide the right amount of nutrients to keep you fit and healthy. And it’s needless to say that a healthy diet will also be reflected on your flawless skin and healthy hair. So, here are some diet secrets that bride to be should know.

Coconut water

Start your day with one coconut water daily which is a prime thing to maintain in your pre wedding diet. It is packed with all important nutrients that make your hair and skin super healthy.


Though you are having coconut water daily, don’t forget to have plain water to keep yourself hydrated enough. Two bottles of water a day are needed to flush out your toxins from the body.

Home cooked foods

No matter how much it is tough to resist, keep yourself away from junk foods and have only simple home cooked foods. Those are the safest option to stay fit and have all necessary nutrients.

Ditch white foods

Replace your white rice and breads with brown ones. Multigrain breads are always a healthier option and brown rice is full of fibre that aids in weight loss.

Frequent meals

Instead of having large meals, try small meals on frequent intervals. It’s the best way to maintain a healthy body weight, because overeating is one of the biggest reasons of weight gain.

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