5 Trending wedding colours this season

Can’t decide the colour of your outfit for your big day? Worry not, we have just the colours for you to plan the trendiest wedding possible.
5 Trending wedding colours this season
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Planning a wedding is no child’s play. From booking a venue to deciding the outfit, a lot of time and energy, and not to forget, patience is required. Things become pretty easy when you have a theme in mind or you know the kind of vibe you want at your wedding. Everything from the table decorations to the bridal couture can be decided while keeping the theme in mind. 


While there is a significant rise in bold and bright shades for wedding decor, pastels are also high in demand these days, as the soft yet colourful shades scream sophistication and grace. So, if you are planning to get married anytime soon, we have some trending colours for you that will make your job easier and will help you plan the most colour coordinated wedding possible.

Bubblegum pink

This is a bright, but not a loud shade of pink that gives out a very youthful vibe. If you want your wedding to be full of fun, laughter and games, then this is the colour for you.


Lilac makes everything look pretty. Pastel shades like lilac will add an elegant touch to your wedding decor and can be easily paired with colours like soft pink or light blue.

Bottle green

Adopting bottle green as a colour for your wedding decor, will add warmth and subtlety to your venue and will give it a quaint yet charming touch.

Golden yellow

Golden yellow is a colour that brightens up everyone’s spirit. This colour is for those who want to embrace traditions and want to keep things classic. Having your wedding decor in this colour will instantly give out a festive vibe.

Royal blue

As the name suggests, incorporating this colour in your wedding will add a royal touch to it. Whether it's the outfit or the decor, this colour will make everything look elegant and ethereal.

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