5 Ways to ensure mental wellbeing during wedding planning amid the COVID 19 second wave

While planning everything for your wedding amid this second wave of COVID 19, your mental health may get affected due to the sensitivity of the situation. So, here are some expert ways to balance your sanity while doing the planning.
How to stay mentally happy while doing wedding planning 5 Ways to ensure mental wellbeing during wedding planning amid the COVID 19 second wave
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If you are going to do an intimate marriage amid this COVID 19 second wave, then it must be quite tough situation for you to handle everything and do the entire planning. In this situation, brides and grooms tend to become hyper and it can affect their mental health. So, along with handling all responsibilities, it is also very important for them to take care of their mental health before the big day. So, Sanmati Sanyam Founder and Chief Energy Officer (CEO) at House of Healers gives you 5 tips to maintain your sanity while planning your wedding amid the second wave of COVID 19.


It sounds like a generic suggestion but it's an extremely powerful technique. As a family, if you start any wedding discussion by sparing 2 minutes to do this, you will experience clarity in thoughts and communication, less arguments and minimum reaction to disappointing/ unfavourable news. A few rounds of this and one can experience bliss, calm and stillness.

Suggested Practice:

Sit with your back straight.

Connect you tongue to the palate (roof of your mouth).

Breathe from the abdomen not chest.

When you inhale, stomach should expand, and when you exhale, stomach should contract.

Inhale in 7 counts, hold for 1.

Exhale in 7 counts, hold for 1 (7-1-7-1 ).

It has to be done in a rhythmic manner and should be avoided immediately after having heavy meals.


The key to doing this in a manner where you can truly enjoy this is by accepting the reality of the situation at hand. The problem arises when the planning is of a lockdown wedding, but the mind still wants a Bollywood dream wedding.

One needs to be prepared for the fact that there is a high possibility of things not going as planned, or in spite of the small guest-list, there might still be people who are unable to make it.

Every time you experience worry, fear or anxiety - recite a prayer for the world, for the ones suffering and for the things to go smoothly.

Talk to Someone Who Can Understand

While people across the world are dying, it is normal to feel embarrassed to address your wedding issues. It is important that you speak to someone about what you’re feeling - it can be a friend, a sibling, parents or a therapist.

In any given situation, your first responsibility is to make sure you’re okay and even if your concerns are not as grave, they still deserve to be dealt with. Find someone who can listen without judgement, who doesn’t jump to give advices and it is comforting to just speak with them.


The new age couples are finding refuge in the unique possibilities that Energy Healing (no-touch distant healing) offers. From a Crystal Facial healing that cleanses, purifies and rejuvenates your skin to a Body Sculpting healing which can help you not just tone your body but also release any old pent up energies and emotions, these healing sessions apart from giving you the desired physical results for your big day, also leave you feeling a deep sense of joy and bliss.

Sacred Time

With so much going on, it's natural for some minor friction to happen in the process of wedding plan. A quick tip is to have designated time with family where you all sit, relax, enjoy, sing and dance without talking about wedding planning. Look at old photographs, videos and share stories.

Similarly, with your partner, it is important to continue having time for each other which doesn’t involve wedding-related discussions.

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