5 Ways to make a rainy wedding day fun

What to do if it starts raining on your big day? Have a look at these fun ways to embrace the rain and not let it spoil your mood as well as your wedding.
5 Ways to make a rainy wedding day fun
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Your wedding is the most important day of your life. From your outfit to the venue, you want everything to be just perfect. With outdoor weddings trending these days, most people are opting for it. But what happens when it rains on your big day? Well, contrary to popular opinion, a downpour on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. 

While it may sound like a dampener, rain on your wedding day can be quite fun! Rain brings with it the amazing weather and signifies romance. If anything, it can be quite a romantic and spontaneous affair! So check out these 5 ideas to have a fabulous wedding despite the unexpected rain.

Discuss with the vendors

When having an outdoor wedding, the vendors too are out in the open. Discuss the probability of rain beforehand, so that if and when it rains, all your vendors are well-prepared.

Fabulous pictures

Rains make for a great picture as the lighting becomes soft and romantic. Ask your wedding photographer to give you some fun ideas to incorporate the rain in your pictures in style and all its glory.

Romantic vibe

So what if it rained on your big day? Embrace it and make the best of the situation. Savour the love in the air and spend the rains with your to-be spouse. Be positive about it and enjoy the amazing weather. You can even have an impromptu rain dance with your partner!

Have umbrellas

If in case, it starts raining cats and dogs have umbrellas for you and your to-be spouse as well as the guests to protect everybody’s outfits and makeup from the sudden downpour.

Notify your guests

If rain is predicted on your wedding day, notify your guests beforehand. By doing this, your guests will be prepared for it and will appreciate the heads up.

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