6 Food items you should avoid before your wedding day

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6 Food items you should avoid before your wedding day

An experience of a lifetime, every bride dreams to look flawless in her wedding attire and we are here to fulfil your dream of looking absolutely stunning on your D-day! To look beautiful from inside and out, you need to follow a proper diet and get all the essential nutrients inside your body. Some basic rules imply avoiding alcohol, smoking and stretching exercises to maintain that figure and keep a balance between a healthy mind and body.

To avoid any problems on your D-day, these are the food items you should avoid before tying the knot.


1. Salty foods

Salty foods are a big no before your wedding as the excess of salt leads to water retention in your body and it can cause bloating or swelling, making you look heavier and difficult to fit into your dress.

2. Dairy products


Dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese that are part of your daily consumption are best to be avoided. These bloat up your belly and sometimes cause indigestion too.

3. Fried food

Every wedding household in India is loaded with sweets and fried food coming in from outside, but these better not reach the bride as they certainly lead to bloating and indigestion. You don't want to put on a few extra pounds just before your wedding day.

4. Carbonated drinks


Stop your carbonated drinks consumption for some time at least and drink a glass of lemonade to quench your thirst if your wedding falls during the summer months. Carbonated drinks are bad for your stomach and they lead to indigestion.

5. Spicy food

Spicy food is great for immunity system, but you don’t want an upset stomach right before your wedding day. To avoid any stomach problems, pause all the spiciness in your life for the time being.

6. Caffeine


Put a pause to your daily dose of coffee and start drinking tea for a while. Coffee leads to bloated stomach and skin problems like acne pr pimples if you drink it in excess.

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Anonymous : Who gets a upset stomach after eating spicy food and girls if it’s your wedding wear whatever you want eat whatever u want if your to be husband actually loves u he shouldn’t care how u look u should be beautiful no matter what to him. Plus it’s your wedding live it when u can
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