6 Luxury gift ideas for your wedding guests who are not invited due to COVID

As the second wave of COVID 19 is hitting hard and getting intense day by day, having a wedding with more than 25 to 50 guests is not allowed. So, for all those guests, who cannot be invited to your wedding, here are some luxury gifting ideas to make them happy.
Luxury Wedding Gifts Ideas 6 Luxury gift ideas for your wedding guests who are not invited due to COVID
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Coronavirus is spreading rapidly. Hence, there are restrictions for inviting only 25 to 50 people at the wedding. So, what you can do to make the rest of the people happy who have not been invited in the wedding? Praveen Rao, President, Dolphin Group, shares some luxury gifting ideas for guests who won't be invited due to COVID 19.

Idols set

Idols set like Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi or Vishnu and Lakshmi are considered as the Gods of wealth, love, prosperity, fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. So, these idol sets can be good gifts to make your guests happy who are not invited to your intimate wedding.

Flower Vase

A flower vase can make a great gift for your uninvited guests. It will not only find a special place in their homes but their hearts too.

Jewellery Box

A jewellery box is an excellent wedding gift for your guest, especially for women. Express your love for them by gifting the perfect jewellery box. They can use it always to store their junk jewellery.

Glass Bowls

Gifting glass bowls can also be a great idea for your guests who can’t attend your wedding. It has great functionality also as your guests can put fruits, veggies, etc. on it.

Ceramic condiment set

This is a unique gift idea for your wedding guests. These are a matching set of jars to store spices, herbs, sauces, flavoured oils, etc. This is a wonderful decorative item for your guest's kitchen.

Wine Glass set

Giving wine glass set to your uninvited guests would also be a lovely idea. It is one of the most elegant gifts that one can gift to someone for a wedding purpose.

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