6 Offbeat food items to include in your wedding menu to impress guests

Food menu is one of the most important part of the wedding day. So, it has to be unique and tasty. Check the list of 6 offbeat food items to add to your wedding menu.
6 Offbeat food items to include in your wedding menu to impress guests
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Food is an integral part of any wedding function. You get to celebrate your most special day with all the guests giving them a grand treat. So, you can make it special with some lip-smacking dishes to jazz up your wedding menu.

People even incorporate different and tasty preparations to make the menu more unique. So, here are some offbeat food items that you can add to your wedding menu.

Offbeat foods items to make your wedding menu more special:

Kathi rolls

Kathi rolls originated in West Bengal. These are rolls filled with meats and other veggies and are delicious to eat. You can try different ingredients for a unique taste by arranging for a live counter of Kathi rolls.



The dessert section is definitely a special attraction for kids. So, make it more interesting by adding macarons. You can also include some delicious pastries to this section as well.



The Chinese menu is quite popular at the weddings, but now, it’s time to try something different. Go for Japanese items and include Sushi in it. You can set a live counter for Sushi for the guests.


Finger food buckets

Before the main course, snacks also served at the weddings. So, add some mini buckets of fritters in this section to impress your guests.


Gondhoraj Chicken

It is another popular item you can include in snacks. It is a Bengali preparation which is made with the flavour of Rangpur lime. This Bengali delicacy will work wonders in your wedding snacks menu.


Baked Rasgullas

We have already had enough of Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Halwa, etc. Bring a new taste to your dessert menu with baked rasgullas, which is prepared with jaggery.


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