6 Tips for choosing the perfect wedding sherwani

You want to buy the perfect sherwani for your wedding. But what makes a great wedding attire? Read on to find some tips to choose the right wedding sherwani.
wedding outfit,Wedding sherwani,ideas for grooms 6 Tips for choosing the perfect wedding sherwani
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Are you all set to tie the knot with your sweetheart? As your wedding approaches, attention shifts towards the wedding outfits. Grooms, you most definitely should give your wedding attire equal importance to look nothing short of regal on your wedding. And nothing beats the elegance of a wedding sherwani. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while buying a sherwani for your special day. 

That’s right, gone are the days of the boring image of a groom wearing a plain sherwani. It is time to shake things up and experiment with your outfit without overdoing it. With that being said, the groom should keep many factors in mind to look their best on their wedding. 

Here’s what grooms should keep in mind before buying their wedding sherwani. 

1- Nothing beats a classic and timeless sherwani for the D-day. If you spotted a new silhouette you liked, make sure it is something that makes you look trendy yet has a timeless feel to it. 

2- If you want to stick to a plain sherwani, then deck it up with a floral or colourful safa. You can also add a pocket square with an interesting hue or print. 

3- Regardless of the kind of sherwani you choose, don’t forget to pay attention to the buttons. Not only do they add character to your overall outfit, but make or break your wedding look. 

4- For an elegant look, consider a heavy stole to go with a plain sherwani. From florals to banarasi, you can choose anything that gives your look a modern touch. 

5- Don’t forget to match your sherwani with the bride’s lehenga. You can easily match or contrast your look with the bride, and the right way to do is to pick your outfit after the bride has finalised her look. 

6- Choose a high-quality fabric and majestic design to look elegant on your wedding. If you are spending that much time and money on your attire, it should at least be the right one that suits your tone and personality.

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