6 Top pre bridal skin and hair treatments for all brides to be of this season

Before your wedding day, skin and hair need to be perfect, shiny and glowing. And for that, you can take help from these top pre-bridal treatments to nail your look.
6 Top pre bridal skin and hair treatments for all brides to be of this season
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All brides need to be very cautious with their hair and skin before the D-Day. Hence, they need some special treatments for the pre-bridal grooming package.

There have been some new treatments that to-be-brides of this season can go for to flaunt their skin and hair with panache. So, here are the top treatments for every bride-to-be.

Top treatments for pre-bridal skin and haircare:


It gives you fuller and thicker eyebrows without applying any makeup. It is a semi-permanent treatment that applies hair-like incision strokes on the skin with a nano blade.


Derma roller

If you are feeling like your skin is sagging, then derma roller is a great way to get the skin-quality back to its previous form. Derma roller is a small cylindrical drum that causes microscopic punctures on your skin.



It is an exfoliation treatment that removes all dull and dead skin cells from the surface giving you a silky and smooth texture for an easy makeup application. It should be done before 1-2 weeks of your wedding.



A facial is a must-have before one week of your wedding. For different skin types and problems, there are different facials. So, talk to your beauty therapist to pick the right facial for your skin.


Hair glossing treatment

It is a treatment to give you shiny, glossy and silky hair without any frizz. This demi-permanent treatment also promotes texture and volume to your hair.


Face polishing

If you are looking for something more than just facial, then this is right for you before your BIG day. This will give you a fine and polished skin for a smooth makeup application.


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