7 Essential tips to nail the traditional Bengali bridal look

Bengali bridal look is associated with red banarasi saree and some exquisite gold jewellery. So, here are some important tips to opt for the traditional Bengali bridal look.
7 Essential tips to nail the traditional Bengali bridal look
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Bengali bridal look is all about adorning the Bengali bride with red banarasi saree, a white headgear, shankha-pola in wrists and exquisite gold jewellery. This look is finally completed with “alpana” design on the forehead and cheeks. 

Red banarasi saree is the staple for the Bengali bridal look and it’s never complete without the saree. If you are planning to opt for a Bengali bridal look for your D-Day, here are some essential tips to nail the look. 

Tips for a perfect Bengali bridal look:

Mukut or headgear

A Bengal bride is never done with her bridal trousseau until she wears the white headgear or mukut. This is made out of sholapith or Indian cork and brides and grooms have to wear them at the time of wedding rituals. 


Alta and alpana designs

Alta or mahavar is a red dye that is used to make intricate designs on the palms and feet of the bride. Alpana is made out of sandalwood powder which is used to make subtle designs on the bride’s forehead and cheeks. 

Gold jewellery

Gold jewellery with some intricate designs is an integral part of the Bengali wedding. There are different types of jewellery for Bengali brides like sitahaar, mantasha, bala, choor, kan bala, jhumko, lahari haar etc. 

Shankha and pola

These two are considered to be auspicious Bengali marital bangles. Shankha is white and pola is red. 

Banarasi saree

Banarasi saree is an inseparable part of Bengali weddings. It is designed on banarasi silk with intricate and subtle designs. This originated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. 

Taira and Tikli

These two are ornaments to adorn the forehead. This helps to incorporate the traditional Bengali bridal look. 


It’s another marital bangle made of iron which is considered to be auspicious for brides. Different new designs are available now to carry this auspicious ornament.

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