7 GRAND wedding decor trends to look forward to in 2021 according to a planner

Two clear wedding trends have emerged from 2020. Read on to find out more and plan yours accordingly!
7 GRAND wedding decor trends to look forward to in 2021 according to a planner
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There is little doubt that the wedding trends for 2021 are going to be influenced by the effects of Coronavirus lockdown of 2020. One could opt from the growing trend for multiple intimate micro weddings over 4-5 days to accommodate more numbers or maxi-weddings where everything from your outfits to your music is oversized and extravagant even though the guest list numbers are as per state wise guidance.
That’s because we’ll see two clear paths emerging out of 2020: those who feel the need to scale back and focus on a tight-knit group of nearest and dearest, and those whose passion to celebrate with everyone they care for means a BIG celebration.

Choosing local
There is something unique to love and pick from in every state of India. Now that, weddings abroad are a distant dream until 2022 at the very least, it’s time to bring in the goodness of all local markets and suppliers from the destination of your choice within India. More couples will turn to independent shops and local designers to buy their décor and stationery instead of choosing to fly in international designers or even big city names. Choosing local suppliers will be the new talking point, from caterers to photographers who will get more booking as couples choose to invest in the economy on their doorstep, reduce expense on travel and keep the safety of guests on high priority.

Use of feature decor elements is going to be massive. Luxurious faux florals will be huge as they can create a high impact at a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers. Statement pieces where all your guests want to take photos are a must-have. This trend is so important as we are living in an experiential era, guests expect more and the ambience you create using decor is such a huge part of this. Think giant chandeliers with cascading flowers, showpiece 12ft trees, themed photo areas and impressive centrepieces.
Inclusion of luscious greenery. Tables dressed in cascades of foliage or ceremony backdrops displaying masses of leaves and greenery on the show are the go-to for sophisticated wedding adornment. Think ferns, succulents, garlands of eucalyptus or even a cactus or two. The best thing about this natural decor trend is that it can be incorporated into almost any style of wedding, farmhouse certainly, modern industrial most definitely, destination palaces and terraces of course!

Sustainably conscious / Eco Weddings.
In these eco-conscious times we live in, now more than ever, couples are looking at ways to host responsibly. This means cutting back on unnecessary waste and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Wedding venues are being greener and becoming more sustainable, many venues that provide in-house catering will use locally sourced produce, whether it’s flowers, fruits, spices or meats
One of the new wedding trends is for couples to upcycle, or to pledge a commitment to zero waste. This can be from offering wedding flowers away to good causes, to going plastic-free on your big day
Grazing Tables
Whether it's sweet or savoury; beautifully done grazing tables double up as pre-or post-dinner food and will see more popularity than ever before. As guests’ numbers will not flow into over 300 this year, people would have more time to spend with each other and what trendier way to do so than over thematic grazing tables sourced locally.
 Areas such as food and drink can be made unique and personal, from custom signature cocktails created with the couple’s story to unique canapés and desserts that reflect one’s style. Choose stylish options such as vegan street food vendors, crêpe and waffle bars, prosecco vans, retro-style gin bars and even vintage ice-cream vans.

Live streaming
2021 wedding trends also include a change in how families will involve loved ones on their big day, as upsetting as it may seem circumstances may prevent those you love from attending in person, however, this is where live streaming & videography comes into its own. Having your wedding day captured as a film is becoming more popular and a great way to relive your day and being able to send live footage will be championed by many across the next few years. So, zoom-barabar-zoom is this year’s mantra!

Immersive entertainment experiences
2021 weddings will be much more about experiences. That means, the focus will be much more on curated entertainment with guests’ safety being paramount. So, unfortunately, large musicals or Bollywood troupes with 50 performers or even breath-taking acts like Cirque du Soleil will not be the flavour this season. Instead, couples that want a big wow moment for their weddings are opting into having the ultimate display of their love with a massive drone light show or going intimate with solo performances from famous choreographers and lastly, choosing the best from the locally available entertainment within the destination.

About the author: Prerana Agarwal Saxena is the Founder of Theme Weavers Designs

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