7 Important to dos to keep in mind for the week of your wedding

During the week of your wedding is one of the busiest times where you have several responsibilities to accomplish. To avoid all last-minute emergencies, keep these important to-dos in your mind.
7 Important to dos to keep in mind for the week of your wedding7 Important to dos to keep in mind for the week of your wedding
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During the week of your wedding, you need to check on the arrangement for the last time to be ready for the D-Day. Of course, there will be special attention to your wedding attire, makeup and beauty appointments, but you also need to talk to your vendors and wedding planner to see if everything is on its place.

During this busy moment, it’s very normal for you to overlook something which may later create a big problem. So, here are some important to-dos for the week of your wedding.

Don’t forget about these essential to-dos in the week of your wedding.

Talk to your vendors

Talk to all of your vendors like for the last to see if everything is set for the function. Ask them if they need anything and about the backup plans for emergencies. Most importantly, complete all your payments.

Designate people

If you have not hired a wedding planner, then designate people in various points to stand during the function. They will be watching everything and help when you need them.


If it’s a destination wedding, then do your packing properly because you cannot come back to take the things which you will forget. Do the last-minute checking very cautiously to check if you have taken all your important stuff.

Makeup and beauty appointments

Talk to your makeup artist and fix the time for your bridal makeup. And make appointments for your other beauty treatments.

Wedding attire alterations

Check for the last time if any of your wedding dresses need to be altered and do accordingly. Because you cannot alter them on the day of your wedding. So, avoid all kinds of last-minute emergencies.


During the time of COVID-19, make sure the arrangement of hand sanitisers for the guests have been done. Ask the venue manager if you need to do a full-sanitisation in the venue before the function.

Wedding venue check

Check your venue right before two days of your wedding to talk about all the arrangements and decoration for the last time.

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