7 Things that every bride should know about her makeup

Bridal makeup can be a little tricky and any makeup mistakes can show up in all your wedding pictures, this is why every bride needs to be prepared for the perfect makeup look and avoid any mistakes.
7 Things that every bride should know about her makeup
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Bridal makeup is not easy but when you're the bride you just have to get it done and look your best. Every bride wants to look her best on her big day which is why it's very important to know everything possible about your bridal makeup and brace yourself for it. Every bride does everything in her power to create the most beautiful bridal look but in order to do that, every bride needs to know the latest makeup trend as well as the fashion trends. The bridal makeup has evolved over time and we all need to prep up for the latest trends and avoid any bridal makeup mistakes that can spoil our big day. This is why you need to keep a few things in mind before you go ahead with your bridal makeup and prep for it. Knowing everything about your makeup might just save you from all the struggles of being an unaware bride and help prevent any disasters. 


Here are some things that every bride should know about her makeup. 

1. Speak to your makeup artist and understand the difference between high definition makeup and airbrush makeup. This can help you pick which one is best suited for your skin tone and quality. This will help you get a proper finishing and flawless makeup. 

2. Sit down with your makeup artist and plan your look. Do not skip your makeup trials. Doing a proper makeup trial will help you know what goes with your outfit and skin tone and what mistakes to avoid while picking your makeup shades and tones. 

3. Never ever experiment with your makeup products around the time of your wedding functions. You may feel the itch to do so but this mistake might cost you heavily if you end up with a skin reaction. 

4. Remember to never wear too much makeup. While it's okay to go with slightly more dramatic eyes and fake lashes and bright lipstick, it's best to avoid any heavy makeup look. Ensure that your makeup artist picks very lightweight products and do not try to change the colour of your skin tone. Going one shade lighter is alright but it's best if you don't go beyond that. Do not overdo the foundation and go with lightweight eyelashes that are not too dramatic. 

5. Give your makeup artist enough time to finish her work and do your makeup. This will give your makeup enough time to set in and settle. This also means that your makeup won't bleed out or smudge during all the long events and rituals. 

6. You might have a waterproof and smudge-proof, long-lasting makeup but during the function, something or the other might go wrong, this is why you should always ask your makeup artist to help your prep a touch-up bag in case of emergencies. 

7. The bold and dramatic bridal makeup looks are now out of trend. Brides these days are picking more natural or dewy looks over anything else. This enhances their features and makes them look more real and like themselves. 

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