7 Tips to plan a Destination Wedding

Updated on Aug 26, 2021 02:10 PM IST  |  149.6K
destination wedding
7 Tips to plan a Destination Wedding by a Luxury Wedding Stylist

Destination weddings have become a slow trend in the wedding industry but organizing a destination wedding requires a huge amount of effort and planning. Hence, we have gathered some exclusive tips shared by a luxury wedding stylist, Meha Bhargava.

A destination wedding is an event where the bride and groom are away from home, inviting their closest family members and friends to an ideal location and make the event a semi-vacation.

In addition to great locations, an advantage of destination weddings is that they are typically expensive for the couple since the couple pays for their accommodations, travel costs and venue charges. However, the guests are expected to pay for their travel costs. While you are planning the same, the following tips might help you in the future.

Explore the location. It all depends on whether you love beaches, historic cities, mountains, vineyards or luxurious resorts. Secondly, hire a certified destination award-winning wedding specialist who will advise you. 


There are always perks when you intend to book things in groups whether hotel room or transport, negotiate the deal in the best possible way.  Plan your payments in such a way that you have a low minimum deposit and an easy payment plan so that you can focus on your dream wedding.

Pre Plan everything. In that way, you will save a lot of money, you can secure the site of the wedding, reception venue, decor. 

Invite your guest well in advance and give them a heads up to save the date. You can get a creative digital save the date invite made. 

You can also organise some fun activities for guests to enjoy and indulge in. It can be planned in a way to keep your guests engaged and make use of the entire property and have a quick getaway or a mini-vacation at a dreamy location. 


Make sure to research requirements for legal weddings in your location. Government documents vary in different locations, especially if you are travelling abroad. Many couples choose to have a legal ceremony in their city before their destination wedding.

Sign your wedding vendors on time with the help of a contract well in advance. Be it photographers, music entertainment, florist, caterer, decor, etc. Make sure everything is documented to avoid any mishaps later.

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