8 LATEST Mehendi designs of 2021 to opt for the wedding season

Mehendi ceremony is an important function during weddings. So, get some ideas about the latest mehendi designs of 2021 and nail your mehendi ceremony.
8 LATEST Mehendi designs of 2021 to opt for the wedding season
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Mehendi ceremony is one of the most important rituals of a wedding function. All brides want their mehendi to be the best and outstanding. Hence, get ideas of some trendy mehendi designs for 2021.

Mehendi designs of 2021:


How to make your mehendi darker?

Post mehendi, it is essential to make it darker. So, here are some tips to do that:

1. Use natural henna always for mehendi and avoid all chemical colours. Natural mehendi gives a natural colour.

2. Before mehendi, wash your hand with soap properly as it will remove all the dirt from your hands.

3. Before the application of mehendi, you can rub some eucalyptus oil on your hands. This will make your mehendi darker and beautiful.

4. Once the henna is dried up, mix some sugar with lemon juice and rub it on your palms and feet. Don’t do it after washing the mehendi.

5. After the application of sugar and lemon on your mehendi, warm some cloves in a container and run your hands over it to darken the colour.

6. You must avoid washing your hands with water for at least 12 hours once the mehendi is done.

7. Avoid blow-drying your mehendi as it can damage the design and the colour. Let it dry on its own.

8. Do all your waxing or shaving before the mehendi because doing it post mehendi may damage the design and its colour.

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