Bold Lipstick vs Nude Lipstick: Which one to opt for your wedding?

Are you confused between bold and nude lipstick for your wedding? Here’s everything you should know about them.
Bold Lipstick vs Nude Lipstick: Which one to opt for your wedding?
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When it comes to bridal makeup, lipstick is the prime thing that enhances your look. Sometimes, perfect lipstick can cover all kinds of makeup and outfit blunders and without the right shade of lipstick, wedding makeup is never complete. Talking about the shade, it would be better to mention that there is no rule of wearing only bold red lipstick in your wedding.

If you are a fan of nude shades, then go ahead with it. But there are some differences between bold lipstick and nude lipstick when it comes to putting them. The shape of lips, skin complexion, etc. also matter to some extent. So, here’s what should you know about these two shades to jazz up your bridal looks.

Bold lipstick vs nude lipstick: Things you should know about them.

Things to remember to opt for a bold lipstick

It’s very usual for brides to demand bold lipstick, but these things should be kept in mind:

1.Not all shades match your wedding outfit. So, pick up wisely. If your bridal attire is of pastel shade or traditional yellow, green, blue colour, then go for red or maroon lipstick.  

2.Shape of the lips is also important to choose the right shade of lipstick. If you have plump or fuller lips, then putting on a bold red lipstick will enhance your bridal look.

3.Your necklace, earring and maang tika also have to stand out. So, you need to match your lipstick according to that as well. If your jewellery doesn’t have too many colours or gemstones, then bold lip colours are the best.

4.Skin complexion also plays a major part in this. It would be better if you give a trial with some bold lipsticks before some days of your wedding to check which suits your skin tone.

Things to keep in mind for nude lipstick

Nude shades are mainly for those, who want a natural bridal look. Keep a check on these things:

1.There are several types of nude shades like pink, peach, chocolaty brown, nude berry, mauve and others. You have to make sure which shade suits you the most.

2.Outfits of pastel colours don’t go well that much with nude shades. So, make sure to put on a brighter shade than your pastel coloured wedding outfit.

3.For daytime wedding functions, natural makeup works wonder with nude lipstick. If you are thinking to put on bold and heavy eye makeup, then balance it well with a nude shade.

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Anonymous 7 months ago

I love nude lipsticks

Anonymous 7 months ago

Whats the point in nude lipstick. be bold , I say . for brown skin like Indans' , dark colours like maroons , berry etc suits very well.