Bridal Makeup Tips: 5 things to consider before you book your makeup artist

Bridal Makeup Tips: Ask these questions and keep in mind these factors before you book your makeup artist for your wedding day.
Bridal Makeup Tips: 5 things to consider before you book your makeup artist Bridal Makeup Tips: 5 things to consider before you book your makeup artist
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Coronavirus pandemic led lockdown has given us a lot of time on our hands. And many instead of wasting time are utilizing it to plan their wedding. So, if your wedding is also some months away you can plan it out right now. A lot of things such as clothes, jewellery, makeup, and the venue has to be decided beforehand. Today we are talking about one of the most important aspects of the bride's big planning rigmarole i.e. Makeup artist. Brides are always stressed about the right makeup on their d-day as all of them want to look their best on their wedding day and the stress is quite fair as we don't get married every day. It is a big affair for most of the brides.

Of course, you don't want to glam up by any random MUA so it is better to be selective and look for the best as per your budget. But it is these two parameters only to be considered? Are you looking out for best bridal makeup artists? Before you book MUA (you can either go for Salon based one or freelancer) make sure to keep in mind certain things. It is important to book them asap to make sure their availability matches with your wedding day, however, one simple checklist will ensure the smooth choice of MUA for your bid day. 

Follow these pointers before you finalise your makeup artist:

1. Find out about the artist and meet the person

After shortlisting the MUA from the list, go through the artist's social media pages to check their work. 

After that, you can meet the person as one on one meetings are important to get all the information, about their personality, work style and help you understand how comfortable you can be with them on your wedding day. After this, check their availability and if they have any other event on the day or no, so that you have more clearer view.

2. Ask Ask and Ask 

Don't feel shy or worry about offending them with your queries. It is your big day and having everything sorted and not leaving room for confusion is very vital. So, ask him or her about the team, products that they will use, type of makeup (HD or airbrush) and also tell your requirements too and if you are allergic to anything or any special request. You should ask about the time that will take. Will the package involve hairstyling, nail paints. draping among others or not. Brides to be should also ask whether you have to travel to the makeup studio or they will come to the venue. 

3. Makeup trials

Makeup trials are highly recommended. Some are paid while some offer free. Your final booking can depend on this one. Queries related to color combination, style and whether the products are looking good on you will be solved here. You can experiment with different makeup and hairdos during trials to understand what will suit your wedding attires. If the MUA is tried and tested by friends and others and if they're one of the renowned ones then you can skip the trial. In all other cases, trial is a good idea.

4. Commercials 

You must be having some budget while looking for MUA. So, keep that in mind and ask for the package commercials. Also, ask for payment breakdown as each service, as per bridal makeup, non-bridal makeup for relatives and travel among others.  Advance payments to be done and pending on the day of the event. Don't worry about the payments as thorough professionals hardly disappoint. You can also go for a written contract over a verbal one.

5. Cancellation and plan B

Emergencies can happen so it is better to have a contingency plan. Finally, ask the MUA about cancellation policy and will the advance be repaid if there is cancellation by either of the parties. You can also ask if they cancel on you then whethere they will provide any backup who can fill in for them. So, ask them if they have any plan B for emergency situations. 

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