Bridal Skincare: THIS is the skin prep you need for the upcoming wedding season

Updated on Oct 07, 2020 07:57 PM IST  |  729.2K
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Bridal Skincare: THIS is the skin prep you need for the upcoming wedding season

At the onset of winter, there are certain factors that make your skin look dry, pale and flaky. Hence, it is important to be prepared well in advance to avoid these skin problems, especially before your wedding.

When there’s a change of season, there are a lot of changes we need to bring in along with the weather like stock up food, skincare and clothes. Skincare can be a daunting task but with a bit of future help and these 5 easy hacks, you can get the flawless skin you always wanted before your wedding day. Let’s have a look to get you the best glam look on your wedding day keeping the natural element alive.


1. Use heavier moisturisers

It’s important to lock the moisture that your skin lacks during the winter season, it needs to be healthy and moisturised at all times. Hence, invest in a good moisturiser and keep your skin hydrated, fresh and moisturised. 

2. Stock up on face oils


Face oils are an amazing addition to your skincare regime as it ensures all the nutrients are soaked into your skin. The skin tends to get dull and flaky during winters, face oils will make sure your skin is getting all the nutrients it was lacking and keep it healthy and glowy.

3. Exfoliate your skin

To get rid of the dead skin that your skin has because it lacks hydration, it is important to exfoliate and use a gentle scrub to massage your skin and shed the dead skin to make way for healthy and fresh skin. Always moisturise after exfoliating. 

4. Purchase a good lip balm


This goes without saying, investing on a good lip balm is important as it keeps your lip dewy and soft. Having chapped lips during winters is one of the worst problems of skincare and investing in a good lip balm can keep away all your worries of having dry lips. 

5. Take vitamins

While these products mentioned above are good for your external use, you could also add vitamins to your skincare regime to take care of your skin internally as well. Get vitamins to help reduce dryness, wrinkles and give you the perfect wedding glow. You can buy Vitamin C, D, vitamin E and vitamin K.

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