Bride Talk: Here's how you can preserve your lehenga after wedding

A bride invests a lot in her wedding lehenga, but often forgets to take care of it post wedding. Here's how you can clean and preserve your lehenga after the wedding is done.
Bride Talk: Here's how you can preserve your lehenga after wedding Bride Talk: Here's how you can preserve your lehenga after wedding
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Bollywood has a big role to play in our weddings. Right from the glitzy functions to the glamorous outfits, all of us dream to wear a Bollywood style lehenga on our wedding. Be it from a top designer, or a top-notch boutique, we manage to get our dream lehenga during our wedding. But buying a wedding lehenga is not as easy as it sounds. One needs to visit multiple stores and do a lot of research before buying the right one. Apart from the research and time spent, we also spend our hard-earned money to buy the perfect lehenga. 


Once the big day is over, most of us don't know what to do with our bridal lehenga. Well, don't worry we have got you covered with this one. Read below to find out how to clean and preserve your lehenga after their wedding. 


First and foremost, a lehenga can never be hand washed or machine washed. You need to take it to the dry cleaners and get it cleaned. Try taking it to cleaners the next day, since if there is any stain, the longer you let it sit, the tougher it is to get rid of it. Send someone to get your lehenga dry cleaned as soon as possible. 



Always remember that a wedding lehenga needs to be kept away from sunlight or even any direct light because that might cause the colour to fade. Apart from this, it should be stored in an empty place, and not a place where things are kept one on top of the other. 



Before storing the lehenga it's essential to pack it well. The best way to pack it is by placing sheets of butter paper in between the folds so that no embroidery gets stuck. Do not use newspaper, because the ink from that tends to imprint on the outfit. Once you’re done folding, wrap in a nice and clean breathable cloth. 



Once you are done with all these steps, make sure to put in a nice box before placing it in the storage. The best box to store it in is the box your bridal outfit came in.

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